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I went through this LP of Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones.  Then I looked up the dialogue on IMBD.

Aw, Prince of Persia...  Nostalgia!  I remember hearing about the split personality when PoP:TTT was coming out.  This was at an age when split personalities could get me interested in absolutely anything.  I went on Wikipedia and decided to start with Sands of Time, having the impression that the split started then.

It didn't, but it was a lot of fun. I'd more or less disliked platformers before, but the rewind was great.  And the Prince was snarky, and went through character development, and the whole game was well worth the playing.

Tried Warrior Within as a rental.  Hated it.  Bad music, bad Darker And Edgier, generic protagonist, attempts to sexify things...  And the rental was buggy, too.

Everyone says that the third game was a balance between the first's great and the second's ungreat, and... well, I saw that too.  But I did enjoy the dialogue.

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Having two accounts is a bit of a pain.  Seems like I'm always in the wrong one.  Ah well.

I got... this sort of toe sandal thing for Xmas.  Vibram.  Toeshoes!  They amuse me.

There was also a high-value Borders gift card which I will not be using for some time, what with the massive backlog of used books.  And they didn't get me the two things I really wanted, which are a pair of Zelda games.  So I went out and bought the older one, Phantom Hourglass, myself. 

Everything is controlled via the stylus.  I can't help comparing it to Scribblenauts, which is also stylus-based, though 2-D while this is 3-D.  It screws up much less often.  Somehow, though, plotting out the course that Linebeck's ship takes makes me nostalgic for Wind Waker's King of Red Lions.  Okay, yes, sailing endlessly got old, but it felt personal.  The game has a walkthrough on IGN.
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My brother and I went out and bought Scribblenauts.  He contributed ten dollars to that, I paid the rest.  My little brother is always broke, or nearly.  He's got basically no savings.  I've got... well, I don't know exactly, but there's something to the tune of three thousand in my savings account, and around five hundred in a debit account that I have never used.  Largely because I'm very stingy.

Very stingy, I said.  Ignore the hardcover Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor!  I had a coupon anyway, for forty percent off.

Books really are my biggest expense, but I don't buy them very often, and very rarely in hardcover, so it doesn't amount to much as money goes.  Back at Adrian College I worked for the art department for a few hours a week.  Here, I have no job.  The two hundred dollars I earned with my Mom cleaning that sorority are in the bank, and the neighbor only rarely needs dogsitting.  So I have to be even more cautious.  I don't buy food unless I have to.  Instead I bring food from home in plastic bags, like a kid.

I could only play Scribblenauts for so long before my conscience smacked me with the memory of my Ceramics homework.  Draw three designs for platters and see which one gets approved.  Well, I've got one.  I'll have the others in a bit.  My brother's playing the game now.  He took it to bed with him.

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Considering my yoinking of the word "Stranger", this song becomes a little more interesting.

Huh.  Okay, Strangers are essentially the character, Palims are a mix, and what about the others....  What are they called?  Plagiarism?

There's a comm called [profile] [info]xkcd_boomdeyada, devoted to trying to make a live-action version of that strip.  Cool.

On being an agnostic.

Soon I Will Be Invincible
gleefully describes a street-leveling superbattle involving a world-threatening Mad Scientist with tons of tricks up his sleeves facing down a normal human with an animal on the chest of his uniform, a lightning-summoning fairy, a bipedal tiger, and a flying invulnerable woman, started when the mad scientist was just trying to drink some coffee. Almost perfectly invincible flying man with heat-beam eyes saves a lovely reporter from constant kidnapping by a villain intimately tied into his past, dies and has a massive funeral, or rather, fakes it for a very short time, and always saves the world. The bad guy defeats the good guys and ties them up in death traps. Famous heroes sacrifice themselves to save the planet from warring aliens, while villains never die and always escape, or go to Cardboard Prison. No one finds these events strange or unbelievable. Very shocking in a book where said mad scientist wonders why he doesn't find a career that'd make money rather than involve him being beaten up by powered heroes, and the bipedal tiger is known to have back problems. - TV Tropes article.

Seriously, it's a great book.  The "voice" of Doctor Impossible comes through very clearly, right from the beginning.  Fatale's "voice" doesn't feel fundamentally different from his.  It's a good read.

Finished Mass Effect.    ....Wow.  Totally wasn't expecting any of that.  Good game, certainly.  But... wow.  When's the next one?!
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I, I, I -

I want to find some Garrus/Shepard fics and read them.  This has never happened before!  Shepard is by definition a self-insert, and Garrus is a vaguely avian alien with a naturally-occuring tribal warrior facemask!  It does not make sense!  The turian has a nice voice, okay?  That's all!

Turians are cool.  Okay?  Yeah, there's some antagonism with humans, but they're cool.

Damn it, I want a Garrus fic featuring Female Paragon Shepard, Original Flavor(As close as humanly possible!), talking or working together with a bit of Smarm and a hint of Garrus/Shepard if I squint, written well with an eye to detail and internal consistency.  I'm not going to be able to find it, though, assuming it even exists.  There is obviously only one solution.

Eh.  The desire will fade.  I'm not going to put yet another impulse story on the heap.  It's too crowded already.

So, I saw The Incredible Hulk a few days back.  It wasn't bad.  It wasn't Iron Man, but worth the cost of admission.  I'm not really a fan of the character, though.

I mean, it's probably old-fashioned of me.  Antiheroes are popular.  I get that.  But I just can't think of a murderer as a hero.  Isn't one definition of non-premediated murder "that guy, in a fight, who kills the other guy instead of backing off"?

Wait, wait.  You could argue that, for instance, Tony Stark(Movieverse.  I am not going to get into the 616 version) is a murderer.  And I have no problem with him.  It's different, though.  You know?  Yes, he kills people.  But - well, it's war.  Is it?  I'm not good at explaining this.

Somehow, Iron Man shooting a rocket at a tank and walking slowly away while it explodes is fundamentally different from the Hulk smashing a Humvee.  The people inside are dead either way.  Hell, the people in the tank are probably more dead - now and again during the movie, soldiers were seen frantically diving out of their vehicles.  But it's different.

Mmm.  Well, the easily-killed men in Iron Man were, well, terrorists.  Out to conquer, and what they wanted from Iron Man, if anything, was better weaponry.  The easily-killed men in the Incredible Hulk were US soldiers.  Who wanted - what?  They wanted the Hulk subdued, tranquilizers didn't work, and live fire was the only thing that so much as slowed him down.  And they were under orders.  That shouldn't mean much, but it does.

Yeah, I get it, if Banner wasn't pursued he wouldn't Hulk out so much.  But if that happens every time he's really stirred up, it would happen anyway, and he'd still kill a lot of people.  So wanting him stopped makes sense.  Yeah, General Ross wants to use him to make super-soldiers, and that's bad.  But the guys on the ground getting ruthlessly killed - do they know that?

And at the end of the fight scene - how would killing the Abomination have meant so much?  How many soldiers would the Hulk have killed by then with no hesitation whatsoever?  And they mean nothing!  So becoming a gamma-irradiated psychotic creature means that much.  Gee.

Did not like the love interest.  Banner/Hulk can do no wrong, her father the General is the cause of all their problems, her stable boyfriend is dropped like wet tissue.  I don't like her.  She annoys me.  One good thing about Iron Man was that despite the UST with Pepper and the affair with that reporter woman, he didn't have a mostly-useless One True Love draped over him.  As much as I'm looking forwards to the Avengers movie, if they're going with the original lineup then the only woman on it, the only female superhero, is the Wasp.  Who comes with Ant-Man.  And is his oh-so-devoted One True Love.

If they do put another woman on the team, someone who, if the Marvel Movies wiki is any indicator, doesn't have her own movie... who would that be?  She-Hulk?  Doubtful, same with Spider-Woman.  Tigra?  Probably not.  Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers?  Closer, but still, probably not.  Damn.  There just aren't enough strong female superheroes!  Those that are, are mostly female counterparts to male heroes, and none of them have the same instant recognition.  That sucks.

Feh.  I enjoyed the movie, but thinking about it later - I just don't like the Hulk character.  'Nuff said.

Well, I can say one thing.  I also bought the novelization(Mediocre author.  Urgh.  Yeah, I've read worse.  Even so), and I do actually know what they did with the (left alive, naturally)Abomination.  Why the hell not, I'll type it up.

The arrival of Tony Stark in the aftermath of the fight- which the press had dubbed "The Battlin' in Manhattan" - could not have been more timely.  He had shown up in a high-powered chopper, equipped with containment shackles the likes of which Ross had never seen.  Stark had coolly claimed to have thrown them together after the news reports of the debacle at Culver, "just in case".  His foresight had been fortuitous, and thanks to Stark, the Abomination was now safely ensconced in a high-tech holding facility that Stark had nicknames "The Vault".  Stark had said grimly, "Trust me... the way things have been going lately, you're going to have more use for this facility than you could possibly believe."

Ross had the uncomfortable feeling that Stark was absolutely correct.

I don't believe that was addressed in the movie.  Though Stark did make an appearance, it was greatly akin to Nick Fury's dropping in at the very end of Iron Man.  And he was talking to Ross.  Mmm.
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There's an interesting meme going around right now. 

You are in a mall when the zombies attack.  You have:

1 weapon
1 song blasting on the stereo
and 1 famous person, real or fictional, fighting besides you.

Hnn.  Well, I'll give it a go.

On another note, "Bam!  Kapow!" is an entertaining way to spend time, with lots of comic movie news.  I've seen this animated... thing.... before, I don't know what it was made for but, although it's kind of cheesy, it's also very cool.  And isn't that what the goal was?  Whatever they're trying to sell me, I want it.

Soooo, news about the Hulk movie.  The video here has a line alluding to a Captain America cameo(!  Who... who played...  wha?  HOW HAS THE INTERNET NOT HEARD OF THIS BEFORE?), and here they say it was cut, and will be on the DVD.  Which I must buy when it comes out.  Iron Man had a split-second Easter egg with that shield.  I must buy that, too.

I'm hoping my friend will take me to see the movie this weekend.  We texted a little on Thursday about it.  She said she'd call me if she made plans.  If what I've heard was true, there are a metric ton of allusions and little nods in the movie.  That's what I like.

On another another note: Mass Effect.


No sentient species is capitalized.  We have asari, salarians, turians, volus, humans, krogan, geth, hanar, others which I can't think of - not capitalized, which is kind of weird to a Star Wars junkie, but makes some sense.  I like humanity's position in the galaxy.  A new race in the government, was at war with another race before the Council intervened.  It's a fascinating game.

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OMGFTATL! Beyond Good & Evil 2! WAUGH! Can't wait.

As TVtropes said,

Needless to say, the gaming community pretty much went nuts when Ubisoft surprised everyone at their press conference/marketing event by showing a trailer for Beyond Good And Evil 2. (The news that the trailer was done in real time just made everyone foam at the mouth.)




I need to get a laughing/spazzy delight userpic.

You escaped from Moonbase Joysweeper!

You killed Karentraviss the maintenance droid.

You salvaged a Lustpuppetian deathblade, a claylithium crystal, a Full-Metal-Alchemist screwdriver and 4 galacticredits.

Score: 129

"You are walking through a cramped computer core. You hear the sound of dragons echoing through ventilation shafts."  "You find yourself in a gas-filled observation room. The station's computer alerts you to wings."  Heh.

Played it again.

You escaped from Moonbase Joysweeper!

You salvaged a Lustpuppetian deathblade, a claylithium crystal, a Full-Metal-Alchemist screwdriver, a jonathancoultonlithium crystal.

Score: 225

You escaped from the Dungeon of Joysweeper!

You killed Karentraviss the mind flayer.

You looted the Dagger of Cats, the Wand of Mandalorians, the Armour of Prince Of Persia, the Dagger of Videogames, the Sword of Writing, the Armour of Clones and 0 gold pieces.

Score: 0

Played that one again.

You escaped from the Dungeon of Joysweeper!

You looted the Armour of Clones, the Sword of Writing, the Dagger of Videogames, the Armour of Prince Of Persia, the Sceptre of Reading, the Wand of Clay, the Dagger of Solsticedawn and 0 gold pieces.

Score: 25

There's an html attachment, but those don't seem to work well for me.
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I can't believe I actually drew this.  I mean, I told myself I would, but I didn't think I was actually going to go and do it.  The text is the name, "Yes, really.", and "I am so dead!"  Because I am.  *hides*

You can see the resemblance, right?  I didn't draw the helmet.  Aw, man, I'm so dead.

Also, I should not be allowed to draw bodies.  Proportions FAIL.

All together, not bad.

Frozen gray hatchling, pink hatchling, white egg.

Today's my birthday.  Smile for me!

I got a loudly-ticking dragon clock, a dragon pencil-holder, and "Mass Effect" for the Xbox 360.  Not bad.  I'm trying to decide when to ask how I can get money on the computer.  I want to hunt down some comic books.

Yesterday was my cousin's wedding, but I don't have much to say on that.  It wasn't bad, surprisingly.  Not very long, not very boring.
Today a neighbor had a graduation open house.  I just ate there.

I seem to have allergies.  My nose is running, I'm sneezing, and when I blow mucus into a tissue there are spots of blood in it.  That has not happened before.
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Awww....  the ending of T&T was so sad...

My password for the forums at Court Records is the question, with ten in the right place.  I never punctuate the question.  Ever.

...What, did you think I would state my password out in a public entry?  Even for something relatively meaningless?

The question.  I'm not telling you what it is. but it's purely rhetorical.  Something I came up with in high school when I made a Hotmail account and checked it between classes.  I realized what I was doing and asked "Why the hells am I doing this?"  Rephrased suitably, it is The Question.  My account password for the TSA is still Noyoki, and that on a certain other site is still Wings.  Those, I state overtly.

*sigh*  Aww, man... that was sad...
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Godot: You're saying that if something isn't normal, it simply isn't possible? Where does that leave the porcu-headed lawyer and the topknot chick over there... and the ungodly cool guy with the mask over here? Well, Trite?

(Godot is cool.  That visor glows in the dark and smokes when he's losing.  He can't see bloodstains.  When he's annoyed enough, he throws his cup of coffee at Phoenix Wright.)

Trials and Tribulations.  I LOVE THIS GAME!  For a small part of it, you PLAY AS MILES EDGEWORTH!

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This exchange completely ambushed me when I was playing "Trials and Tribulations".  Heh.

Maya: Umm, would you mind taking a look at this?
Basil: I'm sorry. That data is SuPer-Admin Restricted Desktop Access password-protected.
Maya: SuPer-Admin Restricted Desktop Access password-protected!? What!? This is madness!
Phoenix: No, Maya, that is SPARDA. She won't tell us unless we say the right code word.

I am so very amused...  The Ace Attorney fansite was helpful here.

Dragon Cave.

I got a chicken egg.  Didn't take long for it to hatch and grow up.  It's a Cucco sprite. 

Purple hatchling

Stormy egg
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Hmm,  Dragon Cave's not working right...

At some point today, I wrote down a bunch of hints in case I got stuck while playing "Trials and Tribulations".  Wonderful game, by the way.  As the Eurogamer review says, "this final part in Wright's trilogy represents a fantastic climax to the threads of the first two parts, working back in favourite characters, as well as introducing some brilliant new ones, and of course offering a brand new prosecutor for Phoenix to battle. This time, however, he's a mysterious mask-wearing coffee addict, brilliantly named Godot, and not even the judge knows who he is. Because this is how courts work, ok?"

Godot is... well, he's Godot.  Far left.  First case when he shows up, he claims that he's come "from the depths of Hell" to oppose Wright.  He is a coffee addict, saying that he never drinks more than 17 cups in a trial.  Says the strangest things.
  • To err is human... to forgive... divine. Humans aren't machines... they have souls... They live, they die, they love, they hate... and yes, they even make mistakes...
  • Blacker then a moonless night, hotter and more bitter than hell itself.. That is coffee.
Crazy bastard.  I'm looking forward to where this is going.  I mean, that mask...  when things aren't going in his favor, it smokes and the red bars flicker.  Edgeworth hasn't shown up yet, but I'm waiting.

I just really like the way Eurogamer puts it.  "And thankfully, it[the tutorial]'s a little more coherent than part 2's completely daft story with Phoenix getting hit on the head with a fire extinguisher and forgetting how to be a lawyer. Oh God, I'm laughing all over again at that. That's a really funny thing.  Beautifully, this level sees Mia defending a 21-year-old Phoenix Wright, at this point the complete geek you've always suspected he must have been. He's head-over-heels in love, an art student, and he has a terrible cold. And he's been accused of murder."
"It's agony not to just enthusiastically tell you about the scenarios, the cases themselves, but I hate reviewers that get to experience something completely freshly for themselves, and then rob that opportunity from all who read the review. So believe me, if I told you you'd want to play, and then be cross I told you. So just skip to the wanting to play."

*cough*  Anyway!  List of hints!  Scribbled on a receipt with no context whatsoever, they look really surreal.

press working for
why fired

wearing that
Panic - buzzer

as Mask
give up

the time
more than enough
No words

left corner time
calling card


It's like nonsensical poetry...  I did my best to read what was and wasn't capitalized and where the lines were where it was folded.  Very odd.  If I didn't know what it was... 

I've started to read Full Metal Alchemist manga.  Luckily this is a popular enough series that I can read scans over the Internet, but this is still less than ideal.  Mostly it's scanlations made by fans, with the somewhat questionable quality that is implied.  A few pages in every book won't appear.  Too often, there is text in little bubbles too small to read.  But hey, free.  It's been very interesting.
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I'm playing the new Zelda now. It is greatness.

I like Link. He's cute! *laughs*

Seriously, he was my first crush when he grew up in Ocarina.  I've admired a few faces since, but nobody can really compare.

Of course, that might be because I'm such an introvert... eh, doesn't matter.

My little brother's birthday was midway through February, and he got a Nintendo Wii.  He plays Zelda and this random Dragon Ball Z game.  My little sister plays Wii Sports.  I play Zelda.

I go through dungeons and the like much more slowly than my brother, mostly because I'm a bit of a completionist. 
I have to go everywhere and do everything before I move on.  I can stand missing a few chests of Rupees, but I don't want to miss a Piece of Heart or a bomb bag.  It just wouldn't do.  So I've just completed the Yeti's house on Snowpeak while he's up in that castle in the sky, but we have the same number of Heart Containers.  And I have to have at least fifteen more Poe Souls, and many more Golden Bugs.

That's how we usually play videogames.  He finishes in a hurry, I go much slower in case I miss something.  Sometimes I replay the game.  Probably not this time, though.  I love Zelda, but I don't want to go back to a time before my new gadgets.

It's a very nice game.  It seems to me that I can rely on three companies to produce games I'll like- Bungie, Bioware, and whichever branch of Nintendo makes Zelda.  CD-i games don't count.

It's fun.  I think I'll go back and play now.
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I've mentioned this before, but I'm playing a game called "Beyond Good and Evil"(aka BG&E) right now. It came out in late 2003 for all three platforms(PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube) as well as for Windows.

It's an ambitious game, all right, with elements of "stealth", "action adventure", "racing", and "photography". What's more, I think it pulls it all together quite neatly. I've completed the game before, and I can say that, while it's kind of short(I'd say ten hours-ish) and it has an irritatingly abrupt ending, it's very nice.

The music, as I've said before, is good and catchy. The characters are a bit on the simple side, for someone like me who plays KotOR and Jade Empire, but they're solid, and I like them. Interestingly enough, there are a number of anthropomorphic animal-people. Goats, a pig, rhinos, walruses, an eagle, a bull, sharks, and a cat. I think that's all. The (human female, 20) protag... I'm a sucker for "mysterious past" types, and Jade/Shauni fits the bill neatly. Her "father figure", Uncle Pey'j (the pig) acts as a companion in the first stage of the game; later he's replaced by Double H.

I like the plot, relatively simple and one-sided as it is. The "mining planet" of Hillys, which is presumably part of a much larger system of affiliated worlds and governments, is under attack by the DomZ, the usual inexplicable aliens who send in hostile creatures. The planet's military has been "reinforced" by the strange Alpha Sections. A child could tell you that the Alpha Sections are Bad Guys; their armor is black(as opposed to the Regular Army's gold), their symbol is white and skull-like, most of them have bright green breathing tanks on their backs, and their spokesman, General Keck, is, to be plain, not someone I would have appointed. While the Alpha Sections are said to be fighting the DomZ, they've also restricted travel and currency, and have taken control of the press. The IRIS Network opposes them, on Hillys and apparently on other worlds, in resistance cells of some sort, gathering and broadcasting evidence of Alpha Sections wrongdoing.

And it would take a long time to detail the rest. Wikipedia it.

Unfortunately it didn't sell well. I've seen advertisements in gaming magazines from that point in time, and there's even a partial walkthrough in "Nintendo Power"(well, a Nintendo mag, anyway), it was apparently released at the wrong time. Pity; it would have made an interesting premise for a sequel.


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