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Oh, this is how you embed video?  *facepalm*  I'm an idiot for not seeing that.  >.<

This has already been all over the internet, but I like it.  Sooo geeky.

X-Men The Musical - Defying Gravity.  It's so catchy.  WITH YOU AND IIII DEFY-ING GRA-VI-TY!  So much fun to sing.  Heh.

A Stroke Leads a Brain Scientist to a New Spirituality.

Mightygodking's take on Civil War, a recent and very big event for Marvel.  SO funny.

I am a lover of dinosaurs(In grade school I was asked if I would marry a Tyrannosaurus. Repeatedly.), and I will not stand for this ignorance! I gave a speech on this six months ago. Let's see.

According to some paleontologists, the fossil record indicates that maniraptors are descended from Archaeopteryx-type fliers who got the chance, and took it, to lose flight and get larger. The skeletal hand of Velociraptor is virtually identical to that of Archaeopteryx, which is suspiciously similar to that of a juvenile hoatzin(a modern bird whose chicks have claws used for climbing). Wrist bones indicate that a raptor's hands had a very avian range of motion, and we know that they had quill knobs in their arm.

The border between "birds" and "dinosaurs" is a vague one. There really isn't a hard-and-fast line, and phylogenically, birds are dinosaurs, and raptors belong in class Aves. I'm not even going to start on pelvis and feet. Numerous raptors, including Microraptor gui, have been found with feather imprints. Microraptor is also known for having four wings. Raptors are also known for a semi-opposable thumb digit, but as far as we know only the unfortunately-named Bambiraptor had a truly opposable thumb. Flight requires a fairly large brain, and if you lose the flight without losing the brain...

This, combined with the phenomenal success they enjoyed, the many birdlike features in their anatomy, and the fact that I really like the book "Raptor Red", proves, conclusively, that dinosaurs are the most awesome things ever, and raptors are even more awesome than that. Also, birds are dinosaurs. Thank you.

Something called Valenth looks interesting.


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