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  • You scored 8 on Ninjinuity, higher than 57% of your peers.
  • 96/100 You scored 9 on Knightlyness, higher than 96% of your peers.
  • 11/100 You scored 4 on Cowboiosity, higher than 11% of your peers.
  • 7/100 You scored 2 on Piratical Bent, higher than 7% of your peers.
    Your result for The Cowboy-Ninja-Pirate-Knight Test ...

a Knight Captain

You scored 8 Honor, 9 Justice, 4 Adventure, and 2 Individuality!

a Knight Captain

Some knights follow the orders given them. Some know when to improvise. The second sort are the ones that grow to power, to become leaders and Knight Captains. Your sense of duty, honor and justice speaks that your name should be amongst their ranks.

Get your squire, your banner, your armor and your sword. You're gonna do just fine.

Well, there are worse things to be.

Tonight one of my mom's brothers, Boyet, is coming to stay with us.  I'm not happy about this.  She says it's temporary, just until he gets a job, but this is Michigan.  Michigan.  He was living in California with another relative, and then they had a fight and he was kicked out.  When I reminded my mom of this job climate, she said if they couldn't find him a job, we're shuffling him to our screaming cousins in Chicago.  Then I insinuated that her family's taking advantage of her since she's the "responsible one", since there's a cousin with us already.  She denied it, but not that vehemently.

Yeah, it's mean of me, but I don't like strangers in the house.  Especially annoying ones.  He sleeps in the basement.  Mom borrowed a mattress off a neighbor friend.   It's got this huge stain on one side, but otherwise it looks pretty good, and the price is right.

Oh, right, Xmas.  Got a replacement iPod(red), replacement Nintendo DS lite(blue and black), sit-up pillow thing (beige), B&N gift card(spent it on Discworld and Star Wars novels), blanket (navy blue), new earphones, and a stormtrooper key chain.  Not bad.

Dragon hatched.  He's named Baskerville.  This dragon game, they don't die.  Definitely a plus.

 And I drew and scanned a pic of Revan versus a random lizardman.

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Here, listen to the Large Hadron Rap.

I drew a dragon whom I've written about before, here and here.  Then I scanned him.  Good gods, that scanned huge.  This is the "small" version.  In the story his jaws can open to about two feet or so...  Thinking about drawing more hair to connect his mane with his muttonchops.  I think I did pretty well, altogether.

Full freaking huge size )
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I can't believe I actually drew this.  I mean, I told myself I would, but I didn't think I was actually going to go and do it.  The text is the name, "Yes, really.", and "I am so dead!"  Because I am.  *hides*

You can see the resemblance, right?  I didn't draw the helmet.  Aw, man, I'm so dead.

Also, I should not be allowed to draw bodies.  Proportions FAIL.

All together, not bad.

Frozen gray hatchling, pink hatchling, white egg.

Today's my birthday.  Smile for me!

I got a loudly-ticking dragon clock, a dragon pencil-holder, and "Mass Effect" for the Xbox 360.  Not bad.  I'm trying to decide when to ask how I can get money on the computer.  I want to hunt down some comic books.

Yesterday was my cousin's wedding, but I don't have much to say on that.  It wasn't bad, surprisingly.  Not very long, not very boring.
Today a neighbor had a graduation open house.  I just ate there.

I seem to have allergies.  My nose is running, I'm sneezing, and when I blow mucus into a tissue there are spots of blood in it.  That has not happened before.
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Yeah, fear my mouse Paint skills.  For they are mad.

A few nights back I dreamed I was in a movie theater, very crowded, and the movie was "The Empire Strikes Back".  No one else in the theater had seen it before, and everyone was hyped up and speculating during the previews.  I could hear them whispering "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away" in near-unison. 

I regret waking up.

Frozen split dragon, yellow dino, gray egg.
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  The Paper grew up.    This one isn't going to get bigger, since it's been frozen.    This guy hatched, and I got two new eggs.  SplitYellow Dino.

Note to self: Say "Boss" more often.  It's old slang.  Cap used it in one retelling of his origin story, and that makes it cool.

I drew this Imperial officer.

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Overlord pic is coming along.  Now I need to do cloth...  eck.  I'm not much good at that.  So far, I'm really pleased with how it's coming out.  I haven't got a prayer of drawing Revan as appears in-game, but I can manage a "Not bad".  So help me, I like Revan.  I think it's the mask.

So, parents came back today with cousin in tow.  As well as "Mom's youngest brother".  I hope he's not staying, and it's not just the xenophobe in me talking.  Cousin - I'll call her Kim - is quiet.  I haven't heard her speak a word of English, although admittedly I've kind of been avoiding her.  She looks older than twelve or thirteen.  The only thing I've heard her say was in Tagolog, that the milk had no taste, because in the Philippines they add sugar to it.  And it wasn't even that; Mom asked her directly what she thought of the milk, she mumbled one word, and then Mom talked about it.

I'd probably be quiet too, in her shoes, and logically I know that I should be nice and supportive, but emotionally?  I don't like change.  And there has been more than enough of that lately.  When I let myself think about it, I'm resentful.  Yes, I shouldn't be, and I'm not going to act on it.  But I am.  Emotions don't care if feeling them makes you into some kind of bad person.


Red hatchling has two and a half days. 

Yoshi egg is adopted. 

Water egg  The only noteworthy thing here is that its number-letter combination is "Prac".

I've finally fallen to the Dark Side.  By which I mean that I have sought out fanart for "Avatar: The Last Airbender".  Good fanart, mind.  Not scribbled drek or convicted Avatarded(I can't believe I know that word) material or stuff that follows Rule 32.  Or whichever rule that is, I can never remember.

Nonetheless, I have sought out fancomics, and doing so again in future does not seem repellent to me.(Wow, I can be absurdly pompous sometimes...)  Never done that before.  Yes, I joined KotOR Fan Media, and I write fanfiction and sometimes draw fanart, as seen above.  But that's different.  Liking Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic carries a stigma entirely different from liking Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Well, maybe.  The fact is, one is primarily marketed at Teens-And-Older, the other is at youths and Preteens; it's just good about it.  Meh.


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