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I scanned one of the leftovers from the sheet of the picture that's on my newest passport.  My hair has grown out a bit and at home I tend to wear glasses, but that's what I look like.

No one ever told me how fun it is to mess with the characters you're writing.  It's weird.  I hate the vast majority of comedy, since I don't generally see the humor in property damage, injuries, and the whole "I thought things were going well, and now everything is ruined!" schtick.  In fact, those things tend to make me cringe instead of laughing.  But here I am writing "Walker, Imperial Ranger", there's someone who turned into an AT-AT and is Not Liking This At All, and it is incredible fun.  It is sick and twisted fun.

Also I just finished a drawing of Anj Kincaid, who started the story as a woman and then got genderswitched, checking and staring out of the paper in horror, and I grin like a maniac every time I look.

Of course, since I used myself as reference for the drawing, now he looks something like me.  But I'm androgynous enough to rock the Red Guard armor.

So Shadows of the Empire had a soundtrack of its own.  Not for the game, for the novel.  Huh.  Youtube has this soundtrack.  Unfortunately the person who uploaded it is the type to whine about not liking the prequel trilogy in the "more info" box.  SotE has nothing to do with waah I don't like these movies!  So I figured I'd just embedd them here.

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Hmm.  I know Shadows of the Empire has a lot of mixed reviews, but now I really want to read it again.  I didn't think it was half bad, previous times I read it.  And I like Steve Perry's other work, on the MedStar duology and Death Star.  The guy he worked with for those three, Michael Reaves, is... well, no, not bad.  But I think they're better together.

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My dragons.  ...Maybe I shouldn't have gotten a Lizardus.  They're the ugliest when they're Ancient.  Then again, Ancient comes at level Seventy, and my oldest is at Sixty.

It is summer break!

When I work with clay, I tend to make dragons.  I've been making a ceramic dragon skeleton with little holes in each bone.  Bisqued them, applied light oxide, fired them, and strung them together with lengths of thin, flexible wire.  ...I'd post the stuff I've made, since it's been uploaded onto the school's artlist thing, but it looks like the server's still wonky.  Boo.  Well, maybe later.  Some of my stuff is pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

... This is an excellent time to weed my bookmarks!  Okay, so Let Me Google That For You.   Dead At Your Age (hey, I've outlived Secretariat for about five months, and Joan of Arc by about six).  Two on waterboarding; I'd seen them before and hadn't saved.  Why We ImmunizeRobert Ebert viciously mocking "Expelled".  Think that's all the ones I'll actually want later.

Have been going through Villain Song, which is fun.  Picked up a lot of Youtube embedds.
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I am diseased.

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Now is the point where I would type in binary if I wasn't going to head into my bunk and switch off right now.
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There's a site called which lets you take pictures and get them in dark blue, red, light blue, and yellowish, like that Obama poster.  I've been messing with it.


... There was another pic there, but it doesn't want to copypaste.  Fine.  (WTF, Firefox spellcheck?  "Doesn't" isn't a word?  Neither are "isn't" or "spellcheck"?  I'll grant you copypaste and WTF, but seriously.)

The dragon's at level thirty, so I have a second one.


Terry Pratchett, I've found, is a really good writer.  So thanks TVTropes for plugging him until I had to try.  (First taste was free from the local library.)  I read Nation, and... wow.  Wow.  I also love a lot of the Discworld books.  The Guard ones in particular, but I seriously liked "The Truth" and the ones with Moist von Lipwig.  Apparently my passion is for detailed world-building, characters that I like, and strange and interesting cultures.

And this is where I can go to watch Avatar again.  I love that finale.

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LJ is meant for fannish ramblings and moments of emo woe.  Might as well engage the latter.

I am unhappy and I don't know why.  It's upsetting.  Why am I unhappy?  What's changed lately?  Obama's inauguration is a positive thing.  I'm adjusting to a new college term, but I've been here three weeks, why am I unhappy now?  On that: I kinda dislike my new roommate.  She went to the Washington pro-life rally, though she voted Obama.  She does not recycle and eats constantly.  She snores.  She rubs up against the outside of the door, smearing my every-two-weeks charcoal dragon.  She's really loud in the mornings and at night, when I'm in bed.  She is also one of the college's five fat people, which - well, I have a dislike of obesity, okay?  Tolerance means allowing me to dislike it when someone eats constantly and claims to have "no time" to exercise.  BECAUSE YOU ARE ALWAYS STUFFING YOUR FACE.  AND WHAT IS UP WITH THROWING AWAY LUNCH MEAT AND NOT TAKING THE TRASH BAG DOWNSTAIRS.  IT SMELLED AND I HAD TO DO IT YOURSELF, NOT THAT YOU NOTICED.  WTF BONBONS.  HOW CAN YOU FINISH A BOX IN THREE DAYS.

Why am I unhappy?  Is it classes?  I hate Art History modern-stuff with a passion.  It's the most useless thing and it stretches on for far longer than neccessary, and it's writing-intensive.  Meets once a week, though.  In AP Ceramics - yes, again - the clay is too wet to work with, so I feel ineffective and useless.  In 3D art we're on this wire project which involves welding.  I hate welding.  Aversion to fire.  Not a big complaint with the other classes.

In workstudy, my boss gave me some porcelain and told me to make flying bulldogs(bulldogs being the school mascot), "like monkeys from the Wizard of Oz, but bulldogs" so they can go into the cafeteria's project.  It shows confidence and appreciation of my skills, yes, and she likes the two she's seen so far, so why does this make me unhappy?  I don't get it.  Am I lonely again?

Probably.  Damn, I hate being lonely!  People annoy me pretty damn quickly.  How can I dislike people so much and still yearn for - something.  I don't know.  I probably miss touch or something.  Or I desperately want to fall in love.  Unhappiness sucks.  Normally when I'm unhappy or depressed, I can feel this happy something that won't be shaken.  I call it a column sometimes, because that's what it feels like - like my back is up against a pillar which is life is not bad, things will look better in the morning.  And no matter how bad it is, the column is there.  Things will come around again.  It takes a hit when I think about my future, but it doesn't go away.  And now it's as little as it's ever been, and as weak.  I don't like this.

I do feel better when I'm singing, though.  The column is bigger when I do that.  When I write, it gets smaller and more solid.  I don't know what's up with that.

Oh, and Comcast is made of fail.  I called five times last week trying to get it connected to this new room, and they failed every time.  Now I've realized that I don't actually need cable.  I'm going to try and tell them to discontinue my service.  They'll probably fail some more.

The dragon is a teen now.  Not long now and I can pick up a new egg.  I've given up on the forums at that site.  People are too stupid. 

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Dragon's almost a teenager now.

Youtube spam )

I don't like some of my new classes that much.  But that's how it goes, right?  In 3D they gave each of us a 2X4 and told us to make it look nothing like a 2X4.  Right now, mine looks like a spine.  I'm trying to figure out how to make a skull.  The power tools frighten me, frankly, but I can use the miter saw and the bansaw, which is more useful.  Despite the screaming and the way it comes to a juddering halt and the threat of the blade breaking, then whipping free, it's not so bad.

The jigsaw wants my blood, though.  I can feel it watching.

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Joined a bunch of comms, so I guess I'll update that hanging post.  Some of them are pretty NSFW.

I'll list the non-LJ blogs I'm following.

Ugly Overload


Dark Roasted Blend

The Daily Coyote

Pretty, Fizzy Paradise

Cake Wrecks, which is a lot of fun without being petty in its mockery.

Neurophilosophy(now and again)

Bam-Kapow, although the misogyny seeps through sometimes.

Gurney Journey, the art blog of the man behind Dinotopia

Comics Oughta Be Fun

Sometimes Nothing Forungood, but I think I'm dropping it and Why Women Hate Men, which is more of a pretty vendetta against personal ads.  Which would be all to the good if the author stopped talking about "vaginas clapping shut" on every single post.  And if he didn't think that this happens when a man has emotions or a cat.  Clearly, I've been the wrong kind of female for nineteen years.

And You Are Dumb, the ranting liberal thing which the author insists is not a blog.

In other news, shirtless Disney heroes photoshoot.  Hmm.

And a Putin picspam.

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Let it be noted that the second opening of the 90s Iron Man cartoon is pretty damn awesome.  Very nineties, yes, but I like it.

I!  *VVRRRRRM*  I!  AM!  *VROAAAAH*  *clangTHUNDER*  I! *clangTHUNDER* Am!  I-RON *clangTHUNDER* MAN!  *clangTHUNDER*  I! *clangTHUNDER* AM! *clangTHUNDER* I-RON MAN!  *crazy guitar licks and tech sounds*  I!  AM IIIIIII-RON MAAAAN!  *clang, vwziitch*

I'm hoping that the second movie will hint at it in some small way, have the tune play at one point or another.  The hilariously corny 70s cartoon got a nod like that - the "Ton-y Stark makes ya feel" tune is Tony's ringtone on Rhodey's phone.  At one point or another, all the openings are on my post here.

After MGK's posts on 2008, I spent some time searching YouTube.
Video spam! )

Dragon is a child now.


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  • You scored 8 on Ninjinuity, higher than 57% of your peers.
  • 96/100 You scored 9 on Knightlyness, higher than 96% of your peers.
  • 11/100 You scored 4 on Cowboiosity, higher than 11% of your peers.
  • 7/100 You scored 2 on Piratical Bent, higher than 7% of your peers.
    Your result for The Cowboy-Ninja-Pirate-Knight Test ...

a Knight Captain

You scored 8 Honor, 9 Justice, 4 Adventure, and 2 Individuality!

a Knight Captain

Some knights follow the orders given them. Some know when to improvise. The second sort are the ones that grow to power, to become leaders and Knight Captains. Your sense of duty, honor and justice speaks that your name should be amongst their ranks.

Get your squire, your banner, your armor and your sword. You're gonna do just fine.

Well, there are worse things to be.

Tonight one of my mom's brothers, Boyet, is coming to stay with us.  I'm not happy about this.  She says it's temporary, just until he gets a job, but this is Michigan.  Michigan.  He was living in California with another relative, and then they had a fight and he was kicked out.  When I reminded my mom of this job climate, she said if they couldn't find him a job, we're shuffling him to our screaming cousins in Chicago.  Then I insinuated that her family's taking advantage of her since she's the "responsible one", since there's a cousin with us already.  She denied it, but not that vehemently.

Yeah, it's mean of me, but I don't like strangers in the house.  Especially annoying ones.  He sleeps in the basement.  Mom borrowed a mattress off a neighbor friend.   It's got this huge stain on one side, but otherwise it looks pretty good, and the price is right.

Oh, right, Xmas.  Got a replacement iPod(red), replacement Nintendo DS lite(blue and black), sit-up pillow thing (beige), B&N gift card(spent it on Discworld and Star Wars novels), blanket (navy blue), new earphones, and a stormtrooper key chain.  Not bad.

Dragon hatched.  He's named Baskerville.  This dragon game, they don't die.  Definitely a plus.

 And I drew and scanned a pic of Revan versus a random lizardman.

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Sad song from Charlotte's Web, the old version.

Chemical party!

And font conference!  Aaah, anthropomorphization.  I like Times New Roman, frankly.

The full version of the Spectacular Spider-Man theme song.

I joined Dragonadopters.  This will probably end poorly.  Here's my egg.

I think I put my back out trying aerobics.  Ow, damn it!  It hurts to bend.

Finished my exchange story.  Now I have to figure out what to call it.

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I blame [profile] kirskipkat for this.  I really do.  Apparently, though I've been collaborating on a story which involves genderswappage and two young men who were turned into a telepathic bunny rabbit and an AT-AT, respectively, that wasn't weird enough for me, so I had to write about someone who'd turned into a flag.

Inspired by this conversation, which was sparked by "the stars and stripes come to life to defend us".  Written in one marathon session.  I don't do that anymore...  I've been trying to avoid this kind of story recently.  It's good to have structure, not just "Oh hey wouldn't it be cool if [blank]?"

It is of course a Xanadu story.  They're rather formulatic unless effort is made to apply plot.  Someone makes a costume, someone wears it at Xanadu, the Event happens, there is freaking out, there is a detailed explanation of what looks like what and so on, sometimes "What now?" gets answered.  Some of those elements are reduced or absent depending on the story, but there is always what looks like what.  Always.  I've been trying to move away from that.

I get the impression that it was expected to be very zany, but I don't know how to write zany, so... yeah. Aaaand I mention Cap. Why do I keep doing that.  Seriously.  I've cameoed him in like four works-in-progress by now.

*horrified stare* So many parentheses. And I can see it dropping in quality towards the end, where I'm reeling in exhaustion. Boy, do I need to work on this.

And I kind of forgot.  LadyTragic on the kfanmedia fora drew this for me!  She admitted herself that the anatomy is wonky, but the speech bubble made me laugh.


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Oh, this is how you embed video?  *facepalm*  I'm an idiot for not seeing that.  >.<

This has already been all over the internet, but I like it.  Sooo geeky.

X-Men The Musical - Defying Gravity.  It's so catchy.  WITH YOU AND IIII DEFY-ING GRA-VI-TY!  So much fun to sing.  Heh.

A Stroke Leads a Brain Scientist to a New Spirituality.

Mightygodking's take on Civil War, a recent and very big event for Marvel.  SO funny.

I am a lover of dinosaurs(In grade school I was asked if I would marry a Tyrannosaurus. Repeatedly.), and I will not stand for this ignorance! I gave a speech on this six months ago. Let's see.

According to some paleontologists, the fossil record indicates that maniraptors are descended from Archaeopteryx-type fliers who got the chance, and took it, to lose flight and get larger. The skeletal hand of Velociraptor is virtually identical to that of Archaeopteryx, which is suspiciously similar to that of a juvenile hoatzin(a modern bird whose chicks have claws used for climbing). Wrist bones indicate that a raptor's hands had a very avian range of motion, and we know that they had quill knobs in their arm.

The border between "birds" and "dinosaurs" is a vague one. There really isn't a hard-and-fast line, and phylogenically, birds are dinosaurs, and raptors belong in class Aves. I'm not even going to start on pelvis and feet. Numerous raptors, including Microraptor gui, have been found with feather imprints. Microraptor is also known for having four wings. Raptors are also known for a semi-opposable thumb digit, but as far as we know only the unfortunately-named Bambiraptor had a truly opposable thumb. Flight requires a fairly large brain, and if you lose the flight without losing the brain...

This, combined with the phenomenal success they enjoyed, the many birdlike features in their anatomy, and the fact that I really like the book "Raptor Red", proves, conclusively, that dinosaurs are the most awesome things ever, and raptors are even more awesome than that. Also, birds are dinosaurs. Thank you.

Something called Valenth looks interesting.

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My new icon for glee.  Wooo!  My eyes are still open for something better, should the chance arise.

So, I watched all the episodes of Haibane Renmei.  Interesting.  Slower-paced than a lot of things, and very cryptic, but not bad.  Not bad at all.

There will never be any villain more awesome than Swarm, the telepathic colony of intelligent Nazi Bees.  "His most notable feature is that his entire body is composed of bees with Nazi sympathies."

"Von Meyer was a bee expert who fled to South America after the fall of the Third Reich. There he discovered a colony of bees who had been mutated by radioactivity, "increasing their natural viciousness while endowing them with a collective intelligence". Von Meyer tried to control the bees but instead was attacked. The bees consumed him and he died... only to be reborn as "an aggregate man, his consciousness distributed amongst the irradiated bees that became living cells of his body". In other words, he retained his mind but was composed of nothing but bones and bees!"

It just does not get better than that.  I'm sorry.  It just doesn't.  "I learned awhile ago that it's almost impossible to think about the idea of Cap[tain America] fighting a Nazi made of bees and not have a goofy smile plastered all over your face."

This comes close, sort of.  But only 'cause of the darktrooper.  Er.  Shadowtrooper.  I'm not really up on my EU trooper variants.

Eh, why not?  This too.  Because.

I like Cap.

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I can't believe I actually drew this.  I mean, I told myself I would, but I didn't think I was actually going to go and do it.  The text is the name, "Yes, really.", and "I am so dead!"  Because I am.  *hides*

You can see the resemblance, right?  I didn't draw the helmet.  Aw, man, I'm so dead.

Also, I should not be allowed to draw bodies.  Proportions FAIL.

All together, not bad.

Frozen gray hatchling, pink hatchling, white egg.

Today's my birthday.  Smile for me!

I got a loudly-ticking dragon clock, a dragon pencil-holder, and "Mass Effect" for the Xbox 360.  Not bad.  I'm trying to decide when to ask how I can get money on the computer.  I want to hunt down some comic books.

Yesterday was my cousin's wedding, but I don't have much to say on that.  It wasn't bad, surprisingly.  Not very long, not very boring.
Today a neighbor had a graduation open house.  I just ate there.

I seem to have allergies.  My nose is running, I'm sneezing, and when I blow mucus into a tissue there are spots of blood in it.  That has not happened before.
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  The Paper grew up.    This one isn't going to get bigger, since it's been frozen.    This guy hatched, and I got two new eggs.  SplitYellow Dino.

Note to self: Say "Boss" more often.  It's old slang.  Cap used it in one retelling of his origin story, and that makes it cool.

I drew this Imperial officer.

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"Little Brother" turned out to be really, really interesting.  I feel that the end was too pat and it rushed the resolution, but hey.

My Dragon Cave account is here

I'm definitely abandoning this one.  Not just yet, but very soon.  The paper it's got less than half a day left.  I'm going to try to force it, if it comes to that.  Obviously it's not going to hatch on its own in time.  And the third egg  still has a few days before I really start worrying.

Seven sins, seven virtues, seven wonders, five senses, two hands.  Keep your shirt on, damned if you do damned if you don't, old habits die hard, where there's smoke there's fire.  Soar/sore.  Brave new world, into thin air, all that glitters isn't gold, truth will out.

...I'm thinking about it, okay?


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