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Just something from X-Wing: Warrior Princess.

Plourr, the most badass expy of Anastasia ever, says that the man claiming to be her brother can't be.

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So, Dark Empire.

I've read the comics, and am listening to the cassettes for the first one, Dark Empire, the Dark Side Luke one.  The script's somewhat different.  I went and transcribed the Luke-lands-on-Byss part.

Coherent stuff later.

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Sometimes I wonder if I'm secretly a masochist.  Apparently I like it when fiction makes me cry, as long as it's not tears of rage.

"Yoda: Dark Rendezvous" has a good example that's getting me to tear up weeks after a reread when I think too much about part of it.  Scout is the nickname of a young Padawan who's very determined but weak in the Force, who lost a Master early in the Clone Wars.  Yoda got a knight named Maruk to take her on as his Padawan, but Maruk's not happy about it because he thinks she'll get killed.  He keeps her at arm's length, trying not to call her by her nickname, and reflects that he does like her but doesn't want to get attached.

Then Ventress walks onto the scene with some assassin droids, and Maruk might have beaten her if he'd fallen to the Dark Side, but realized what he was doing and became mortally wounded.  Ventress leaves, and Scout realizes that he's not quite dead when he gasps her nickname.

He was smiling. She didn't think she'd ever seen him smile before. Tears welled up inside Scout. "Don't try to talk. It will be all right, Master. Master Yoda will be here soon to take care of you." Tears dropped from her eyes onto his shattered chest. There was a long hitch in his breathing. His eyes closed. "Master Maruk? Master Maruk! Don't go," Scout cried. "Don't leave me!"
His eyes opened, and he smiled again. "Never...," he whispered. "... my Padawan."
His eyes closed, and he was gone.

And I keep going back to it.
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Still love the Thrawn Trilogy.

If this isn't my favorite portrayal of Luke, he's damn close. Wanting to do what's right, always struggling to turn that sentiment into reality, all empathy and fragility and bigheartedness but when he stand up he stands up...  argh.

I liked him in Stover's novel too, don't get me wrong.  But that Luke was a Stover creature.  Still striving to do the right thing, but weary and kind of tired and not at all inexperienced and optimistic like Zahn's version.  I can accept Stover's Luke as an older man, but at the age he is in that novel...

Eh, that's the style.
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Rereading Heir to the Empire.  Again.

I adore this trilogy, seriously.  It's distinctly possible that I have a girlcrush on Grand Admiral Thrawn.  Mm.  There was a book out at Dawn Treader that unofficially summed up and compared the novels.  It said that Thrawn was admirable for being a bad guy without being evil.  Amoral, not immoral.  This is true.

Love, love, love the scene where Pellaeon brings him a report that the Millennium Falcon and the Lady Luck connected for a couple minutes, then parted and went separate ways, and not only did Thrawn know who went to what ship and where, he was able to explain his reasoning.

But I love just about everyone in the trilogy.  Everyone's constantly thinking and changing their plans and guh, how people keep parting and coming together again.

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I just reread Death Star for the... I think third time.

Still a good book.  I like the many-slices-of-life style.  These authors - I don't care for them apart.  Perry wrote Shadows of the Empire, which while entertaining and with its good parts, I thought had a serious fixation on a villain who wasn't nearly as cool as he wanted us to think, and Darth Vader was really not as monstrous as he should be.  Actually, in comparison he barely came off as villainous at all.  Reaves, meanwhile, wrote Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter and the Coruscant Nights Trilogy, neither of which struck me as terribly compelling.  And I didn't like most of the characters in either.

But together?  They've also written the Medstar Duology, which I really enjoyed.  It's incredibly detail-heavy and also involved a many-slices-of-life style, with a huge cast, though there was more of a sense that there was an actual antagonist in that one, and not just at the end.  Really promotes the idea that this is a lived-in universe, with a lot of strange things that the inhabitants take for granted.

One character carries over from the duology to Death Star, that being Kornell "Uli" Divini.  He was nineteen then, a surgical prodigy, and by this point he's been ground down and wore out over the past twenty years, never allowed to leave the service.  He's much more bitter about his circumstances, yet he's very professional with his patients and always willing to do his best on them.  Also, it seems like he's harbored a secret fascination with Bariss Offee, and he wrestles with it, and sees her in Princess Leia.  I love him.

The book is driven entirely by its characters.  Not just Uli - we have Celot Ratua Dil, a Zelosian smuggler sent to the prison planet Despayre(now there's a name); Teela Karz, a Mirilian architect also sent to Despayre as a political prisoner; Villian Dance, a Corellian pilot always looking to improve himself; Memah Roothes, a Twi'lek bartender; Rodo, her bouncer; Atour Riten, an old archivist; Tenn Graneet, the head gunner; Nova Stihl, a Force-Sensitive guard who teaches self-defense; Admiral Motti; Grand Moff Tarkin; and Darth Vader.

Those are the viewpoint charries, anyway.  I suppose it can be confusing if you can't keep everyone straight.
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I've just mainlined Astro City, from the early issues to the end of the second book about the Dark Ages.  Whoo.  Did it after posting The Confessor's story on scans_daily.

Aw, man, the Silver Agent...    I don't know why it is that the best and fastest way to get me to love a character is to have them selflessly act to save people.  Especially people who don't seem to deserve it.  But it is.  "There are some rough times, people.  But don't worry.  It's all going to be okay."

Aw, man.

I love Astro City.  But... wow.

In other news, I used an interlibrary loan thing to get the Heir To The Empire audiobook, which was narrated by Wedge's actor, Dennis Lawson.  It's horribly abridged and on a cassette, which I hadn't expected.  But I really wanted this to hear his voice.

He's not that good at audiobook stuff.  While he tries to do voices, he doesn't always stay with them.  But he sounds more like Ewan MacGregor than I'd have thought.  An odd accent, and he pronounces some things oddly.  Door is doer, look is luke, Leia is Leea.  It's interesting.

And his Thrawn voice is startlingly sexy.  I wish someone'd put part of it on Youtube so I could share it...  I don't have the tech to do it myself.
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I dreamed that I was going to try to RP Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul, and I argued that this was possible because he was the viewpoint character in The Andalite Chronicles and in one main sequence book.  (The second part's not true.)  Then apparently I dreamed the book.  Something or other post-series, Elfangor knew what had happened and was apparently alive, and got sent back in time to posses his brother Ax.

He convinced the others of this and plans were made, where he was secretly a little intimidated by the thought that these were the Animorphs pre-strange powers.  Cassie apparently had the ability to "remember the world", for example, whatever that means.  And there was a scene in a gas station convenience store about holding off some thugs and Jake's parents learned what he was, but they "already knew".

It was a longer dream, but I can't remember now.

Also, I'm skimming parts of Legacy Of The Force.  I hate a good eighty percent of it, but.  Wedge Antilles and his daughter Syal.  I love them like burning.

For example, in "Betrayal", Wedge breaks out of an (admittedly low-security and cushy) jail using a videogame, a tumbler of water, and a rolling chair.  This is awesome.

And a fanfic written for ladielazarus. )
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I did some Googling and decided that even though I'm not bookmarking these pages, I should keep them.

Echo Station's article on Wedge's popularity"He's the sort of guy," Allston says, "who has most or all of the skills of the main hero, and does his job with similar resiliency, but just doesn't get all the attention (or particularly want it), and often takes a #2 role when the flashier heroes are around."

And its responseWedge is so interesting because he is mysterious and yet we know there is no mystery about him. He is always there, the face at every party that no one ever introduces you to. Wedge, one can’t help but feel, is always doing the work behind the scenes, simply getting his head down and getting on with ensuring the job is done. While Luke and Leia take time out from the Rebellion to rescue Han from Jabba, have a few beers with the Ewoks, or try to turn Darth Vader back to the path of righteousness, Wedge is the one making sure that the Death Star gets taken out. Again.

Comics overview
Even as the noble 181st TIE squadron leader sworn to protect Brentaal IV's ill-fated Imperial base, (Fel) perfectly embodies the whole notion of the peripheral Star Wars hero: an unknown warrior, gifted and determined, but wrapped so tightly into the fabric of his cause that he stands for every nameless, faceless soldier that ever fought or died.
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Rereading "Shadows of the Empire", I found this passage from Leia's POV, when she's just woken from a dream/memory of Han getting frozen in carbonite.

She felt the emotions well, felt them threaten to spill out in tears, but she fought it.  She was Leia Organa, Princess of the Royal Family of Alderaan, elected to the Imperial Senate, a worker in the Alliance to Restore the Republic.  Alderaan was gone, destroyed by Vader and the Death Star; the Imperial Senate was disbanded; the Alliance was outmanned and outgunned ten thousand to one, but she was who she was.  She would not cry.

She would not cry.

She would get even.

I love Leia.  When she's not the damsel in distress, anyway.  I love when she's written as taking after her father more than Luke does.  Zahn writes her like that more than the others do.  She's got such righteous fury, but she keeps it controlled.
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I've been thinking about Tycho Celchu for a while, so why not?  Here they are, my Thoughts On Tycho.

Thoughts on a Character )

 Not the most organized thoughts, huh?  I was sure I had more on the subject.  Eh, mostly posts like these are for me anyway.
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I've been contemplating my Thoughts On Michael Stackpole for a while, so I figured I'd collect them.  He is, of course, the writer of five books in the X-Wing Series, I, Jedi, two books in the NJO, some short stories, and various novels that aren't part of the Star Wars EU.  I've read all of his SWEU work and some of his originals.

Thoughts on a writer. )

Teal deer?  Stackpole's not bad.  Allston definitely writes better, but you can read worse than Stackpole.
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I finally found "Nomad" again.  That's the Star Wars Nomad, the four-issue comic starring Darca Nyl.  I'm thoroughly charmed by him.  How could I not be?  I don't care if gritty antiheroes who only care about the money and possibly a single love interest are cooler.  Even when I like the bad guys, I want the good guys to win.  'S part of why I like the Hand of Thrawn duology so much.

Darca was the reason for my first edit on TVTropes.   The first I can remember, anyway.  I added him and a quote of his to the Good Feels Good page.  "When my journey began, I wanted only bloodshed, but along the way, when people saw me, they assumed I was a Jedi. And they needed my help. And…I gave it. I gave myself. It was right. It felt good. It was the only good thing I'd felt in so long."  

I heart him.  There's something about a snarky ex-mercenary going along with it when people assume he's a Jedi and trying to make things right.  I don't care about what happened to him in a later comic.  You hear me?  I don't care if he tried and failed and became a bitter hermit.

Maybe I should pick some pages to put up on s_d.  And here, of course.
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...I finally made an RP account, for [ profile] edensphere /[ profile] edensphere_log.  Or it will be, in January when I and a bunch of other newbies can sign on.  [ profile] desig_survivor .

Because Wedge Antilles?  Is awesome.  Even though the only other person on the comm who is from Star Wars at all is playing Brianna/Handmaiden from K2.  And even though most of the people there are more than human.

I just hope I can play him.  The whole amnesia thing might help.  But I've never actually done an LJ RP before.  Well, we've all got to start somewhere.

What's wrong with Livejournal?  First it kept eating the spaces between each line, now it's swallowing parts of the post. I've edited this thing four times.  [ profile] desig_survivor , damn it!
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Sorry for more delay.  Now comes the conclusion.  I will take this last opportunity to say: Read the books!  They are awesome!  This is but a pale imitation!

Cel: "You sound as if you admired him, sir."
Wedge: "Admired him? Sure I did. He was a different sort of enemy."
"Different from the Yuuzhan Vong, you mean, sir?"
"Different from the Vong, the Emperor, any other Grand Admiral--from anyone," Wedge replied.
"What do you suppose Thrawn would make of the Yuuzhan Vong, sir?"
Wedge: "Ground Vong, probably--if he had a few examples of their art." - NJO: The Final Prophecy

Is this the end, or the beginning? )
So that's done.  Does anyone have Dark Empire?  Takes place a year after this.  It's supposed to be not very good, but I've never seen it, and I want to see Darkside!Luke.  And if anyone wants to post from Union, if you don't do it I will.  Eventually.
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Mitth'raw'nuruodo: "There are too few idealists in this universe, Car'das. Too few people who strive always to see only the good in others. I wouldn't want to be responsible for crushing even one of them."
Jorj Car'das: " And besides, you rather liked all that unquestioning adulation coming your way?"
Mitth'raw'nuruodo: " All beings appreciate such admiration."
Commander Mitth'raw'nuruodo and Jorj Car'das about Maris Ferasi[src]
Sorry about the delay, gentlebeings. I was working on my NaNo. So here's the first half of The Last Command. It's illustrated by Biukovic. While his art may not be as pretty or realistic as the art for Dark Force Rising, he's much better at rendering emotions and personality. This is f-locked for minor and rather pointless nudity, but it's SFW.We'll remind the Rebellion what war is all about. )

Next week: the conclusion.
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"I have no qualms about accepting a useful idea merely because it wasn't my own."
Here's the other half of Dark Force Rising.  First part was here.  You can probably tell that this time I have the book in hand.
Will you hear me? Or will you choose death? )

I just love this book.
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The Thrawn Trilogy: Dark Force Rising
" This one is constantly thinking, analyzing, strategizing. He showed no fear, but was curious, studying me in turn."
―Emperor Palpatine

Much better art now.

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Three hundred forty four entries now, huh?

Here's a couple bits of spur-of-the-moment commentfic I wrote days or weeks ago which I'll copypaste here.  First involving Grodin Tierce.

Read more... )

And one with Tycho Celchu.

Read more... )

Some day one or both might become the core of its own bigger fic.  But not now.
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