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Just something from X-Wing: Warrior Princess.

Plourr, the most badass expy of Anastasia ever, says that the man claiming to be her brother can't be.

Even in paradise, there is always a touch of evil. )
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So, Dark Empire.

I've read the comics, and am listening to the cassettes for the first one, Dark Empire, the Dark Side Luke one.  The script's somewhat different.  I went and transcribed the Luke-lands-on-Byss part.

Coherent stuff later.

My father's destiny... is my own. )
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I've just mainlined Astro City, from the early issues to the end of the second book about the Dark Ages.  Whoo.  Did it after posting The Confessor's story on scans_daily.

Aw, man, the Silver Agent...    I don't know why it is that the best and fastest way to get me to love a character is to have them selflessly act to save people.  Especially people who don't seem to deserve it.  But it is.  "There are some rough times, people.  But don't worry.  It's all going to be okay."

Aw, man.

I love Astro City.  But... wow.

In other news, I used an interlibrary loan thing to get the Heir To The Empire audiobook, which was narrated by Wedge's actor, Dennis Lawson.  It's horribly abridged and on a cassette, which I hadn't expected.  But I really wanted this to hear his voice.

He's not that good at audiobook stuff.  While he tries to do voices, he doesn't always stay with them.  But he sounds more like Ewan MacGregor than I'd have thought.  An odd accent, and he pronounces some things oddly.  Door is doer, look is luke, Leia is Leea.  It's interesting.

And his Thrawn voice is startlingly sexy.  I wish someone'd put part of it on Youtube so I could share it...  I don't have the tech to do it myself.
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Sorry for more delay.  Now comes the conclusion.  I will take this last opportunity to say: Read the books!  They are awesome!  This is but a pale imitation!

Cel: "You sound as if you admired him, sir."
Wedge: "Admired him? Sure I did. He was a different sort of enemy."
"Different from the Yuuzhan Vong, you mean, sir?"
"Different from the Vong, the Emperor, any other Grand Admiral--from anyone," Wedge replied.
"What do you suppose Thrawn would make of the Yuuzhan Vong, sir?"
Wedge: "Ground Vong, probably--if he had a few examples of their art." - NJO: The Final Prophecy

Is this the end, or the beginning? )
So that's done.  Does anyone have Dark Empire?  Takes place a year after this.  It's supposed to be not very good, but I've never seen it, and I want to see Darkside!Luke.  And if anyone wants to post from Union, if you don't do it I will.  Eventually.
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Mitth'raw'nuruodo: "There are too few idealists in this universe, Car'das. Too few people who strive always to see only the good in others. I wouldn't want to be responsible for crushing even one of them."
Jorj Car'das: " And besides, you rather liked all that unquestioning adulation coming your way?"
Mitth'raw'nuruodo: " All beings appreciate such admiration."
Commander Mitth'raw'nuruodo and Jorj Car'das about Maris Ferasi[src]
Sorry about the delay, gentlebeings. I was working on my NaNo. So here's the first half of The Last Command. It's illustrated by Biukovic. While his art may not be as pretty or realistic as the art for Dark Force Rising, he's much better at rendering emotions and personality. This is f-locked for minor and rather pointless nudity, but it's SFW.We'll remind the Rebellion what war is all about. )

Next week: the conclusion.
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"I have no qualms about accepting a useful idea merely because it wasn't my own."
Here's the other half of Dark Force Rising.  First part was here.  You can probably tell that this time I have the book in hand.
Will you hear me? Or will you choose death? )

I just love this book.
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The Thrawn Trilogy: Dark Force Rising
" This one is constantly thinking, analyzing, strategizing. He showed no fear, but was curious, studying me in turn."
―Emperor Palpatine

Much better art now.

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@ 2009-10-17 15:27:00
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The Thrawn Trilogy: Heir to the Empire
Five years after Endor and the death of the Emperor, the Empire was in bad shape. There had been successors who had ruled the Empire, or tried to. Pestage, the Tribune, Ysanne Isard. Under them it splintered, warlords like Teradoc and Zsinj splitting off on their own to fight them and the New Republic. The Empire just kept losing people and worlds, rarely if ever winning any important battles.

"I am Grand Admiral Thrawn. I have been away, but now I have returned. I know some of what has occurred. You will fill in the details of the rest when I come aboard. Rejoice, Captain, for the Empire will rise again." - A Grand Admiral Returns

We haven't been defeated, merely slowed down a bit. )
Next up is Dark Force Rising.
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Putting this here as well as on new scans_daily.  Because.

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@ 2009-10-15 21:18:00

The Thrawn Trilogy: Heir to the Empire
"It was just after four o'clock on November 6, 1989, and I was three days into writing my first novel for my new publisher, Bantam Books, when the phone rang. It was my agent. "Tim," he said after the usual pleasantries, "we have a very interesting offer here."" - Zahn
Read more... )

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This was a post back on s_d.  I rightclick-saved and rehosted these from the backup.  Whoever originally scanned them, thanks!
Read more... )
Anyway, the little trumpet on the statue emitted knockout gas and Zemo showed up to kidnap Cap, and later in the issue we got Giant Girl wearing a giant mecha like armor.  I'm fond of these early issues.
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I know it's not the season for it, but reposting is all the rage, and I like this one.  It was also possibly the only one I have which I don't have to pick through trying to decide which pages to eliminate; yes, this story is posted in its entirety, but it's certainly not the only story in the special.  There was also one with Namor in a Santa suit and one where the Fantastic Four help out a random mook.  ...Not sure where it went, I've been disorganized lately.

I really like this issue.  Fluff, you know?

Who made this? Ah, no-yeah, I mean-who made this, it's the bomb! )Read more... )

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So [ profile] scans_daily  has been suspended because some comics creator whined.  Great.  
Nothing else has gone right this month; why shouldn't this happen?

There's [ profile] noscans_daily , but I don't see it becoming popular.
It's tailored for the whiner! No scans, no spoilers.
There's always Insane Journal's version. Aw man, do I really have to
make a new account?

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Let it be noted that the second opening of the 90s Iron Man cartoon is pretty damn awesome.  Very nineties, yes, but I like it.

I!  *VVRRRRRM*  I!  AM!  *VROAAAAH*  *clangTHUNDER*  I! *clangTHUNDER* Am!  I-RON *clangTHUNDER* MAN!  *clangTHUNDER*  I! *clangTHUNDER* AM! *clangTHUNDER* I-RON MAN!  *crazy guitar licks and tech sounds*  I!  AM IIIIIII-RON MAAAAN!  *clang, vwziitch*

I'm hoping that the second movie will hint at it in some small way, have the tune play at one point or another.  The hilariously corny 70s cartoon got a nod like that - the "Ton-y Stark makes ya feel" tune is Tony's ringtone on Rhodey's phone.  At one point or another, all the openings are on my post here.

After MGK's posts on 2008, I spent some time searching YouTube.
Video spam! )

Dragon is a child now.


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You know something(one of all too many things) I hate?  When it's late at night, I want to close some tabs and go to bed, and the computer decides to fail massively.  Nice, computer.  Nice.  Yes yes, I'm about to stop anyway, but I'd like the chance to save my linkspam, at least.

This is "Take On Me Literal Version."  Piiipe wrench fiiight...

Gods.  The Customer Is Not Always Right.  There are some gems there.  This one's my favorite.

Chippendales, The Golden Years

Bakery | Syracuse, NY, USA

(Four elderly men enter the store. They are all at least 70, balding, and at least one has a cane.)

Manager: “Hi, what can I get for you?”

Elderly Man #1: “Are those bagels hot, young lady?”

Manager: “They’re pretty hot. They’ve been out about ten minutes.”

Elderly Man #2: “But are they as hot as us?”

I bought a two-disc version of Iron Man on the weekend; it came with a seven dollar rebate.  Watched everything on it.  Squee!  It really is my favorite non-Star Wars movie, you know.  My very favorite parts pertain to the robot arm subplot and all the Mark II suit stuff.  It's just so much fun.  Kind of annoying to hear that if I'd gone to Wall Mart I could have bought a version that comes with this one exclusive comic.  Grr.

Also saw Wall-E in the cheap theaters.  It was cute.
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Major Tom.  Finally I can close this tab!

You know, I joined LJ to comment on[ profile] karentraviss 's journal.  I'd considered doing it for[ profile] baxil  too, but...  Anyway, at the time I loved KT's books.  Her clones.  As time went on, though, I slowly changed my mind.  I really, really don't like her books.  Wess'har or Star Wars.  I'm not sure why.  Partly it's because I literally can't empathize with her characters, I can neither identify with them or admire them.  And the constant "This culture is AWESOME and SO MUCH BETTER than any other" really got to me.  I don't like wess'har society or Mandalorians.  I stopped enjoying the books a year ago.

So I'll finally say it.  I hate Shan!  I hate Etain!  Shan never lets up with being a hard-ass and creeps me out!  Etain has no spine and no concept of loyalty!  I don't see why Jedi are so inferior to Mandalorians!  I never have!  There.

Clones are still cool, though.  Stormtroopers are still cool.  I loved Allegiance.

So here's numerous clone troopers being unspeakably awesome set to "Chosen Ones".

I'm going to try out a [ profile] scans_daily  post here, then copy-paste it, since I've heard about cut problems.

Marvel Adventures: Avengers #20.  "Mountain From An Anthill"; alternately, Giant-Girl's Relationship Problems.

I went and bought MA:A digest number six.  It... It scanned badly, so I uh, I...  tore the pages out.  *wince*  I feel terrible about that, frankly.  It tore mostly pretty well, and for once I have good scans, of a good size.  This is an entire issue's worth - there are four per digest, and I like them all, but only two of them really caught my eye.  Here's one.  Not dial-up safe at all.   Cut for Spidey being adorable and Giant Girl being cool. )
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Started watching the Spectacular Spider-Man over the Internet - specifically, here.  It's pretty good.  Not the perfect show, no, but not bad at all.  Characterization for Peter Parker is spot on, I have to say.  And although it's certainly derivative, hey.  Just have to expand on Sandman and Venom here.

My favorite movie remains Iron Man, but my favorite scene in (almost) any movie(BINARY SUNSET, so much longing in a single moment...  Love Star Wars, always and forever) is the "birth" of Sandman in Spider-Man 3.  Ah, yay, I can embed again!

Who knew that a roiling pile of sand could convey all these emotions?

I really like transformations like that, into something totally and absolutely inhuman, and yet he manages, painfully, to struggle back, to move like a man, to pick up the locket and stand.  I like when they do things that just shouldn't be possible, they learn how to function again.  That's maybe my favorite kind of transformation.  Ideally it would take longer, but hey.

Anyway.  Episode 5 of SSP, they make Sandman, and it's a traumatic process all right.  He bloats and explodes into sand which piles up everywhere, then slides up into a half of a man shape, and then he does the Big No.  Then there's a scene cut, and when we see him again Hammerhead's saying "You gotcha sand legs, sand clothes... and now you're in color!  It's not so bad."  And then of course he knows all his moves, yeah yeah yeah.  I wish they expanded more on these villains.  The Rhino didn't really have to learn much to go from powering up to supervillainy, and Doctor Octopus likewise... hmm, actually, I guess most of them should be pretty much ready.  But Sandman didn't go from a man to a man with cybernetic enhancements or a suit or even the inability to turn off a constant, powerful electric charge.  He turned into sand.  Sand that can, somehow, make itself look human.  I did like that detail "Raw silicates only!  I don't eat food anymore".

Aaand Venom.  More specifically, the symbiote.  The symbiote's always interested me more than Venom.  I wish they hadn't made it evil like that.  Seems like it's always evil, always negative.  It causes emo table-dancing, it makes its host do things while asleep, it amplifies all the negative emotions.  But I really liked its presence in Peter's thoughts, the way he started thinking "We" instead of "I", that scene where it takes down the Sinister Six(I think) and takes pictures and sends them to the Bugle, various other little things.  I like that they explicitly mentioned that Peter was its "first love", quip or not.  In the original comic where it was expunged, the bells were killing Peter and the symbiote saved him, even though he was telling it that he'd rather die than be its slave.  And in Spider-Girl, Normie Osborn "tames" it.  And it turns out that it amplifies whatever's already there.  I like that.  I like that a lot.  Damn it symbiote, if it'd just pleaded more, promised to be better, told him that it would die without him, he would have taken it back.  I think.  I'd have liked to see that.  Weird relationship, yes.  Still something I can't help be curious about.

The villains in general just are so flat.  They're generic evil.  Sandman does mention that he's in it looking for the "big haul", and maybe in future seasons he'll be a more sympathetic villain.  Maybe.  There were only thirteen episodes in this one, and the new one isn't until next March.

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So, I went with my family East, to Lake Michigan.  We lived for some days in the cabin of a family friend(NO INTERNET!   AGGH!) in a tourist town.  I met my great-aunt again, the globetrotter.  She is very, very direct.  When and if I get old, I want to be like that.  There was this one moment when she said that I was growing up straight.  She meant that I stood with decent posture(A lot of people seem to think that we're well-behaved.  Dad says that we've been brought up 'conservatively', ie we have manners, don't interrupt too often, stay reasonably clean, never throw fits in restaurants, etc.  Apparently that's unusual these days.), but it was a little weird.

Saw "Hancock" in a theater that was built, honestly, in nineteen twenty four.  Eighty eight years ago!  There was only the one theater, connected almost directly to the street with only a little anteroom in between.  The walls were papered, all the way up, the seats were old and green and peeling, there was a little stage in front of the screen, it played one movie several times in a week.  Awesome!  The theater, I mean.  Hancock was pretty meh.  I just didn't like any of the characters.

Plucked and ate blackberries off a bush.  I think they were blackberries, anyway.  I'm not sick or dead yet!  This bush was under a taller, small-tree-ish bush, which protected it from birds.  I did not wash them.  Hey, I'm young and convinced of my own immortality!  The juice made my fingers look bruised, and my tongue was purple.  Gotta love berrying.  Doesn't matter if the berries are sour, bland, or sweet.  And in this case it was all three.

Did we do much of anything else interesting at the cabin...  well, there was some swimming, and eating an entire HALF OF A CHICKEN at a charity food thing(the meal cost ten dollars each.  You are given HALF OF A ROAST CHICKEN.  Complete with tail), and I had the Seagull Revelation .... eh, nothing really.

On the way to the campsite, we paused at a rest stop and on the way back a yellow jacket stung me on the upper arm.  It hurt like hell.  I was just walking and it stung me and I clapped my hand over it and stopped still.  It fell away, dead, when Mom had me take my hand off it.  They were talking about getting the stinger out, and I said no, yellow jacket stingers weren't barbed.  Hope I'm right.  Ice made it possible to move that arm and have no pain, but it always melted and quickly too.  Felt like I was being stung over and over in that one point, and this throbbing heat...  Moving that arm always made it worse, and my fingertips were half numb.  Sleeping that night was not fun, but by morning it was better.  There's a little mark on my arm now.  Indistingushiable from the other imperfections.

That night it rained, and also in the morning.  We packed up and left a day early because of that.  Tents are a hassle.  The car was packed like a Tetris wall, I'm glad that the Stranger is in California, and I started getting my sister hooked on Ace Attorney.


Something I found here I... I ...  Bwahahahaha!  Fine, I'll hotlink!

Dayum, Cap!  But I agree with [profile] harmonyangel.  Glasses?  Really?  And... hairline...  plus, the Constitution?  Canonically he's a Tolkein fan...  eh, whatever, it still gives me a nice mix of pleased feelings.  I like cheesecake, but it's always nice to see beefcake too.  Equal opportunity fanservice!

Still looking at Crowning Music of Awesome. Someone made Dragonforce's "Through The Fire and Flames" in Mario Paint. It is very cool.

... Also that wildly happy Caramel Dansen thing and the more macho Danjo, which has kept me awake at night. Damn you, Memetic Mutation!

Mysteriously, I can't seem to get the URLs or embedd codes from these!  How annoying!  There's the "fill the screen" thing, but that's all.

Saw The Dark Knight on Tuesday.  Eh.  It was a very good movie, I'll grant you that.  But not to my tastes at all.  I said on the way out that it wasn't as good as Iron Man.  My brother told me that it will be a long time before I find anything I like as much as Iron Man.  I'm willing to wait.

Did see a balding portly guy with two very young, barely-more-than-toddlers children going to a showing of it right as we left.  Guh.  That...  whuh...  They were asking him if Robin was in this one, and he said yes, and they were both "Yay Robin!", and I'm forced to conclude that people are stupid.  Kids are always going to be walking into movies that they are too young for, fine, I hate censorship.  But you should not take children under five to see The Dark Knight!
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You know that thing that pleased kids do when standing more or less still?  Where they go up onto the balls of their feet, then back down, then up again, over and over?  I'm doing that now.  Figuratively.  Literally, I'm lying on my back with atop a folded comforter, my head on a deflated beanbag chair, typing rapidly on the laptop that's pressing its lower edge into one hipbone, the rest of it propped against my bent legs so that I can see both the keyboard and the screen.  But that doesn't convey much, does it.

There was some hinting today that we - my family and I - were going to see Wall-E, but that looks like it's postponed until tomorrow.  Instead, on the way back from dropping my sister off at a friend's house - something that happens far more often now that The Stranger is living here - we stopped briefly at GameStop so my brother could trade in some games and reserve another.  Then, we went to the bookstore.

And since it was recommended so highly at [community profile] scans_daily, particularly today, I picked up the TPB of "Iron Man: Hypervelocity".  Holy hells!  Worth the money.  I don't really like it when the "cognitive clockspeed" thing goes into overdrive - really, really don't like it when robots think and communicate and move so very much faster than humans - it's a mini, after all.  My other thoughts are up there, at the link.

Also, the last episodes of "Avatar: the Last Airbender" are airing.  Finally!  "The Southern Raiders" was the first one that hadn't already been spread via the Internet; this was yesterday.  Very, very nice.  I don't ship, but either way - Katara x Aang(which is, I know, what's going to happen) or Katara x Zuko(which will not.  Not with Mai.  Sigh), shippers are going to be in a froth.  They are now, actually.  They've been a froth for months.  "The Ember Island Players" is next, tonight.  If I miss it, I can find it online.  (Ooooh, illegal!  Seriously, that's the only way I can get at any of this without paying through the nose for DVDs.  Nickelodeon does not treasure Avatar and is loathe to show it.)

And, fine, I'll gank the picture from that scans_daily post.  Because it is made of snark and win.
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Sooo, more movie thoughts!  Because.  That's why.

A lot of the Iron Man movie reviews I've seen complain about the reveal just before the credits (Not the Nick Fury one).  If you've seen it(and if you haven't, do), you know what I mean.  "I am Iron Man."

They don't like that line, and wish he'd added "But I'm passing it on to my bodyguard!" or "Kidding!  You people are so gullible".  To this reaction, I say, "Huh?"

Yes, his secret identity is now nonexistent.  Lately, I've found that I hate secret identities.  The double-life kind, I mean.  They irked me in the Spider-Man movies, for example.  Just - well, if you can't see it, I doubt I can explain it.  They get old, and they get old fast.  I mean, they really do seem reasonable, you'd think.  But there's only so many times you can hear or read "Peter Parker is such a cowardly lad, always running at the first sign of trouble" or see that the hero is late because of superheroing and suffers for it.  Or, something is happening while the hero's playing civilian, and can't do anything without revealing themselves.  Ghh.  Not to mention the fact that no one ever puts it together and realizes who is who without an unmasking or something nearly as explicit.  With the exception of DC's Mia, of course.

And for someone like Peter Parker, a secret identity works, much as I hate it.  He's a normal guy.  If his enemies know who he is, he's got family and friends who could get hurt.  For that matter, he's out and about among normal people who would probably give him a hard time.

But for Iron Man?  This version of Iron Man?  An open identity is perfect.  His only friends(and it's rather sad) are his robots/AIs, Pepper, and Rhodey(Maybe Happy Hogan and one or two others).  They're as protected/protectable as anyone in a superhero 'verse can get.  And hey, Rhodey goes on to be War Machine, a superhero in his own right.  Stark doesn't mingle with lower-class citizens.  He'll get some barbs from people he's working with, about whether flying off is going to affect his inventions, and he might get a few assassination attempts if he keeps going to red carpet things.  But he'd be fine; not only that, but the confession was totally in character.  And awesome.

Side note - there was le parkour in The Incredible Hulk.  That's cool.  I always like seeing that kind of agility.

Aaaand damn it, LJ's not letting me hotlink, because that would be nice and convenient.  Fine.   Stupid program.


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