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Hmm.  You know, I've got a lot of increasingly dusty bookmarks that I'd rather not lose.  Might as well link them here instead.
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Been a while since I tried a meme.

J.O.Y.S.W.E.E.P.E.R.: Journeying Operational Youth Skilled in Worldwide Exploration, Efficient Peacekeeping and Efficacious Repair


I've started watching Gargoyles here.  It's very entertaining.  Xanatos seems to be having so much fun as the bad guy.  And I started shipping Goliath and Elisa from basically their first scene together.  It gives me a delightful little thrill.
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There's a site called which lets you take pictures and get them in dark blue, red, light blue, and yellowish, like that Obama poster.  I've been messing with it.


... There was another pic there, but it doesn't want to copypaste.  Fine.  (WTF, Firefox spellcheck?  "Doesn't" isn't a word?  Neither are "isn't" or "spellcheck"?  I'll grant you copypaste and WTF, but seriously.)

The dragon's at level thirty, so I have a second one.


Terry Pratchett, I've found, is a really good writer.  So thanks TVTropes for plugging him until I had to try.  (First taste was free from the local library.)  I read Nation, and... wow.  Wow.  I also love a lot of the Discworld books.  The Guard ones in particular, but I seriously liked "The Truth" and the ones with Moist von Lipwig.  Apparently my passion is for detailed world-building, characters that I like, and strange and interesting cultures.

And this is where I can go to watch Avatar again.  I love that finale.

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Let it be noted that the second opening of the 90s Iron Man cartoon is pretty damn awesome.  Very nineties, yes, but I like it.

I!  *VVRRRRRM*  I!  AM!  *VROAAAAH*  *clangTHUNDER*  I! *clangTHUNDER* Am!  I-RON *clangTHUNDER* MAN!  *clangTHUNDER*  I! *clangTHUNDER* AM! *clangTHUNDER* I-RON MAN!  *crazy guitar licks and tech sounds*  I!  AM IIIIIII-RON MAAAAN!  *clang, vwziitch*

I'm hoping that the second movie will hint at it in some small way, have the tune play at one point or another.  The hilariously corny 70s cartoon got a nod like that - the "Ton-y Stark makes ya feel" tune is Tony's ringtone on Rhodey's phone.  At one point or another, all the openings are on my post here.

After MGK's posts on 2008, I spent some time searching YouTube.
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Dragon is a child now.


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Started watching the Spectacular Spider-Man over the Internet - specifically, here.  It's pretty good.  Not the perfect show, no, but not bad at all.  Characterization for Peter Parker is spot on, I have to say.  And although it's certainly derivative, hey.  Just have to expand on Sandman and Venom here.

My favorite movie remains Iron Man, but my favorite scene in (almost) any movie(BINARY SUNSET, so much longing in a single moment...  Love Star Wars, always and forever) is the "birth" of Sandman in Spider-Man 3.  Ah, yay, I can embed again!

Who knew that a roiling pile of sand could convey all these emotions?

I really like transformations like that, into something totally and absolutely inhuman, and yet he manages, painfully, to struggle back, to move like a man, to pick up the locket and stand.  I like when they do things that just shouldn't be possible, they learn how to function again.  That's maybe my favorite kind of transformation.  Ideally it would take longer, but hey.

Anyway.  Episode 5 of SSP, they make Sandman, and it's a traumatic process all right.  He bloats and explodes into sand which piles up everywhere, then slides up into a half of a man shape, and then he does the Big No.  Then there's a scene cut, and when we see him again Hammerhead's saying "You gotcha sand legs, sand clothes... and now you're in color!  It's not so bad."  And then of course he knows all his moves, yeah yeah yeah.  I wish they expanded more on these villains.  The Rhino didn't really have to learn much to go from powering up to supervillainy, and Doctor Octopus likewise... hmm, actually, I guess most of them should be pretty much ready.  But Sandman didn't go from a man to a man with cybernetic enhancements or a suit or even the inability to turn off a constant, powerful electric charge.  He turned into sand.  Sand that can, somehow, make itself look human.  I did like that detail "Raw silicates only!  I don't eat food anymore".

Aaand Venom.  More specifically, the symbiote.  The symbiote's always interested me more than Venom.  I wish they hadn't made it evil like that.  Seems like it's always evil, always negative.  It causes emo table-dancing, it makes its host do things while asleep, it amplifies all the negative emotions.  But I really liked its presence in Peter's thoughts, the way he started thinking "We" instead of "I", that scene where it takes down the Sinister Six(I think) and takes pictures and sends them to the Bugle, various other little things.  I like that they explicitly mentioned that Peter was its "first love", quip or not.  In the original comic where it was expunged, the bells were killing Peter and the symbiote saved him, even though he was telling it that he'd rather die than be its slave.  And in Spider-Girl, Normie Osborn "tames" it.  And it turns out that it amplifies whatever's already there.  I like that.  I like that a lot.  Damn it symbiote, if it'd just pleaded more, promised to be better, told him that it would die without him, he would have taken it back.  I think.  I'd have liked to see that.  Weird relationship, yes.  Still something I can't help be curious about.

The villains in general just are so flat.  They're generic evil.  Sandman does mention that he's in it looking for the "big haul", and maybe in future seasons he'll be a more sympathetic villain.  Maybe.  There were only thirteen episodes in this one, and the new one isn't until next March.

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You know that thing that pleased kids do when standing more or less still?  Where they go up onto the balls of their feet, then back down, then up again, over and over?  I'm doing that now.  Figuratively.  Literally, I'm lying on my back with atop a folded comforter, my head on a deflated beanbag chair, typing rapidly on the laptop that's pressing its lower edge into one hipbone, the rest of it propped against my bent legs so that I can see both the keyboard and the screen.  But that doesn't convey much, does it.

There was some hinting today that we - my family and I - were going to see Wall-E, but that looks like it's postponed until tomorrow.  Instead, on the way back from dropping my sister off at a friend's house - something that happens far more often now that The Stranger is living here - we stopped briefly at GameStop so my brother could trade in some games and reserve another.  Then, we went to the bookstore.

And since it was recommended so highly at [community profile] scans_daily, particularly today, I picked up the TPB of "Iron Man: Hypervelocity".  Holy hells!  Worth the money.  I don't really like it when the "cognitive clockspeed" thing goes into overdrive - really, really don't like it when robots think and communicate and move so very much faster than humans - it's a mini, after all.  My other thoughts are up there, at the link.

Also, the last episodes of "Avatar: the Last Airbender" are airing.  Finally!  "The Southern Raiders" was the first one that hadn't already been spread via the Internet; this was yesterday.  Very, very nice.  I don't ship, but either way - Katara x Aang(which is, I know, what's going to happen) or Katara x Zuko(which will not.  Not with Mai.  Sigh), shippers are going to be in a froth.  They are now, actually.  They've been a froth for months.  "The Ember Island Players" is next, tonight.  If I miss it, I can find it online.  (Ooooh, illegal!  Seriously, that's the only way I can get at any of this without paying through the nose for DVDs.  Nickelodeon does not treasure Avatar and is loathe to show it.)

And, fine, I'll gank the picture from that scans_daily post.  Because it is made of snark and win.
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My new icon for glee.  Wooo!  My eyes are still open for something better, should the chance arise.

So, I watched all the episodes of Haibane Renmei.  Interesting.  Slower-paced than a lot of things, and very cryptic, but not bad.  Not bad at all.

There will never be any villain more awesome than Swarm, the telepathic colony of intelligent Nazi Bees.  "His most notable feature is that his entire body is composed of bees with Nazi sympathies."

"Von Meyer was a bee expert who fled to South America after the fall of the Third Reich. There he discovered a colony of bees who had been mutated by radioactivity, "increasing their natural viciousness while endowing them with a collective intelligence". Von Meyer tried to control the bees but instead was attacked. The bees consumed him and he died... only to be reborn as "an aggregate man, his consciousness distributed amongst the irradiated bees that became living cells of his body". In other words, he retained his mind but was composed of nothing but bones and bees!"

It just does not get better than that.  I'm sorry.  It just doesn't.  "I learned awhile ago that it's almost impossible to think about the idea of Cap[tain America] fighting a Nazi made of bees and not have a goofy smile plastered all over your face."

This comes close, sort of.  But only 'cause of the darktrooper.  Er.  Shadowtrooper.  I'm not really up on my EU trooper variants.

Eh, why not?  This too.  Because.

I like Cap.

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Dino egg and a paper one.

I have to say that the series finale preview for Avatar: The Last Airbender looks very cool.  I dug around, too, and saw something that showed up at a convention, a snippet of an episode that won't air until (sigh) July.  So very hilarious.  "And I'm not a woman!"  Viacom keeps taking them down, people keep putting them back up...
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[third person]

Joysweeper is sad!  She just finished watching the Full Metal Alchemist movie; yesterday she watched the last episode of the anime.  Ayyy!  She's not happy.  She didn't like either ending!  It was sad!  She really liked this series, though.  Really, really liked it, although it dropped most of the humor that was in the earlier episodes.  Without running on for five or six paragraphs, all she can say is that she preferred Al in his armor - it's weird, but she really likes the thought of a human soul bound to an empty suit of armor.  The episodes where living things - cats, a kidnapper- were put into that armor - really appealed to her for some reason.  Call her odd.

More importantly, it was sad, and kind of frustrating!  She didn't like the trapped-in-a-different-world part!  They went to Earth.  Pre-World War Two Earth.  Where alchemy doesn't work.  Ayyy.  The setting was interesting - she doesn't see much of that era.  But still!  Still!

Argh!  Now she has to start buying the manga, desperately hoping that when the end is made it will be more satisfying.  (By which she means: Dead characters are dead, not In Another Dimension, alchemy still works, main charas don't die for good, Ed keeps his automail and Al stays a suit of armor.  She liked how the series started - axe Bradley, kill Scar and the Homunculi, sure, but otherwise...)  She also needs to look for the novelizations of the games - they are for Playstation, after all, and she doesn't have a Playstation.

[/third person]

Now what?  I was thinking about watching it again, but thinking about it now, I don't think I can.  I liked it best before the end, but this is an arc-based show; one episode leads to another and continuity is important.  Ayyy.... I really liked this...

Avatar, while also arc-based and possessed of serious themes, is rather closer to "Idealism" on the "Sliding Scale of Idealism versus Realism" than FMA is.  This used to mean very little if anything, but now I find myself wishing it had more blood, more shocked and appalled characters, even less skipping around the word "Death".  Which would probably ruin the show... 

Still.  The scale linked to above, which also means the scale of slapstick versus angst - I like things best when they're somewhere around the middle.  A mind-control plot or a genderbender is best, in my eyes, if there are elements in it that are both scary/serious and funny.  I want the happy ending, the Karmic villain death or redemption, but I also want solid continuity and emotional scars that fade without going completely away.  I want a protagonist who is flawed but still a good person, who sometimes does bad things but also tries to fix them, who isn't some kind of airhead comedy jerk.  I want antagonists who are villainous, but once were good people too, and might be again.  I want the protagonist to feel fear of both the comic and the deadly real varieties, and I want the kind of emotion that's quiet.

I want to smile, but I also want to feel sad and empathic, that odd feeling like I want to headbutt someone gently and be all nice.  Preferably I want to laugh and cry and love the characters or whatever, but that's kind of hard to find - I don't laugh or cry so easily anymore.  I like my optimism, but tempered by realism.  You know?

What now?  I'm definitely going to continue watching Avatar.  New series, though?  Hmm.

I started watching Avatar and FMA at least in part because of TVTropes and Idioms.  For that matter, that's also why I started reading the webcomic Order of the Stick.  These names showed up in certain tropes and looked interesting.  And they niggled at me long enough that I checked them out, then started to watch, and liked them.  Sometimes "Naruto" niggled, but when I checked it out I lost interest.  Meh.  I'm sure I'll find something.

New egg.  Very small
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Dark green planty hatchling

Pale green minty hatchling.  

Oh, Guardian bless.  I am such a nerd.  Not content with being hooked to Avatar: The Last Airbender, I've gone and started watching Full Metal Alchemist.  Hey, I heard good things about it.  And so far it looks like I've done worse.

The thing is, I'm watching free episodes online.  Do you know how damn hard that can be?!  How much searching I've done?  Pisoga, so helpful with Avatar, says that it has the whole set of FMA, but all the videos have been removed because of copyright infringement.  So I followed a link in the comments which said it had links to all the episodes.

It was at about fourteen when they stopped working.  By then it was too late.  The dub is not as good - these translations are excellent, but the constant whining repetition of "Brother" is a lot more annoying than "Niisan".  Odd language/culture thing, I guess. Here, sibs almost never actually call their big brothers "Big brother".  Nor do we call slightly older males "brother".  It's fine in sub, but in dub it's kind of annoying.  Also, I hate the dub voices.

I could not find ep. sixteen on Google Video.  Well, I could,  But the subtitiles were in French.  I actually brought up a new window, went to Babelfish, and started translating each line.  Such idiocity, such hubris!  Agggh.  I'm lucky this is such a popular anime; I found more English subs here.  They seem to be translated differently - National Alchemist instead of State Alchemist, for instance.  Frankly, I liked the first style best; the ones here are slightly cruder.  But they seem to have all the episodes, and you know the saying about beggars and choosers...

I was browsing
[personal profile] baxil
's flist and I saw this...  Motivational posters for super villains... heh...

This one just makes me giggle.  So true!

Oh...  there is a button that lets me LJ-cut right in the menu... Guardian bless, I can't believe I never saw that before.  Well anyway, I lined up some of my other favorite posters here.  -->

Incidentally, Dead Rising came in the mail.  I'm still waiting for "Trials and Tribulations", but now I can't find "Justice For All"!  Agggh!  I just beat the first game again; where in the nine Corellian hells did the sequel go?!

A thought;  when I was little, maybe third grade, I was getting terrible grades in school.  My dad took me to this one place in the city, I don't know where.  It's not a very strong memory, but they had me do things.  Put a block puzzle together while blindfolded and this weird computer-clicky puzzle, that's all I remember.

Years later, they told me that this was an IQ test.  I scored high.  The "bell curve" of the IQ test puts "absolute average" at one hundred points, "low average" at eighty points, and "high average" at one hundred twenty points.  My dad says I scored one hundred twenty.  So evidently I'm supposed to be smart.

I don't know.  Over the holidays I stayed with my grandmother; when we were at a restaraunt she showed me this little game.  It's a triangular board with a bunch of little holes in it, and almost as many pegs.  One hole was open.  The goal is to jump pegs over each other; the jumped-over pegs are removed.  Supposedly, you were very smart if you could make it all the way and have only one peg on the board.  Grandma was chuckling over how much time she and some of my cousins would spend at these things, trying to go all the way.

I gave it a try.  And I solved it, on my first try.  Got stuck for a few seconds now and again, and I had to do some several-step planning, but one try, one solution.  Frankly though, I suspect this was a combination of luck and video game savvy.  The food came right then; I don't know if I could have duplicated the feat.

If I'm supposed to be smart... shouldn't there be more evidence than that and my mad, leet testing skills-with-a-z?  Like... you know, ability to do things that are actually useful?
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How in the hells did that happen?  In my last journal post I made an offhand comment- "I think I'll spontaneously become a fan of a children's cartoon show.  Avatar, maybe.  I've heard good things about it."

It was meant to be facetious!  Aggh!  I wasn't going to do that literally!  I mean, it's a Western cartoon, and I shouldn't have been interested for more than a few minutes!  I was going to watch the first episode or so, then shrug jadedly and say that I don't see it.

But I did see it.  And I do see it.

Admittedly, I don't watch all that much TV, anime or otherwise.  However, "Avatar The Last Airbender" is like an ideal combination of Eastern and Western.  To quote TVTropes:

Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko's genius combination of Eastern art and Western writing, Eastern (lack of) censorship and Western characters.
Avatar is the story of 12-year-old Aang and his quest to master the arts of "bending" the four elements, so that he can save the world from Fire Lord Ozai and end the century-long war that he spent trapped in an iceberg. Oh, and just to make things more interesting, he only has until the end of summer to do it!
The show is known for its references to Eastern religion and mythology, and the inclusion of material deemed almost universally "inappropriate" or "too mature" for children's entertainment, such as violent, realistic battles and on-screen deaths, which is likely why the series nabs strong ratings even outside the typical intended 6-to-11-year-old demographic. The Season 1 finale is considered an exceptional work of art for its incredibly epic story and execution. As for Season 2, a list of all the tropes and traditions the writers broke or subverted in the excellent finale could be a page all on its own.
Even outside the fortieth episode, the show has a spectacular number of Averted Tropes, making it a very atypical and very well written fantasy show. The massive number of examples below is just a hint as to how hard the writing staff worked.

Guardian bless.  I like this show.  How did that happen?  I spent a week on Pisoga and watched each episode.

Then I Wikipedia'd it.  Looked at the entry for each and every episode.  Watched them all again.  Chased down every link on its TVTropes page(and man, are there a lot of links).  Went to the official site, looked at everything pertaining to each episode(scowling at all the grammatical blunders... ugh).

Two episodes were leaked/gotten via hacking and distributed throughout the Internet.  I have watched them three times, each.

And Squee - ed.  Good Guardian.  I am not twelve.  I am eighteen.  I consider myself to be mature for my age, I have never kissed pictures or fanshrieked, I have never sighed over anyone(Link and dragon pics don't count.  They don't, dammit!).  I don't squee.

But I did.  Over a character who is sixteen and textbook Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain with a dash of The Woobie, because he's finally making the long-anticipated Heel Face Turn.  Gah.

Guardian.  Life is strange.  Well, LJ and hypothetical skimmers of Solsticedawn's and Baxil's friendpages, here is what I will not do.  I will not join a forum revolving around this show, I will not search out/and or browse fansites, and I most certainly will not start "Shipping".

Though.... I can kind of see why....

No!  No jumping off the slippery slope!  TV Tropes has ruined my life enough already!  (As warned...)

Melodramatically brought to you by Joysweeper.  *rolls eyes*


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