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Weird dream alert.

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And at some point I saved the phone girl, and she was grateful but incredibly nervous.  At another point I escaped, which may or may not have involved killing the Emperor, and found myself back on the beach with my father and sister out looking for me.  But I was still a seven-foot-tall masked armored figure on life support, I wasn't much like Laura anymore, and I knew I couldn't go back.

Yeah, that's another dream where I am a cyborg.  This keeps happening.

It was this weird hodgepodge of elements, that dream.  Very similar in structure to fairy tale stuff.  You know how people who go into fairy mounds shouldn't eat the food there?  Yeah.  You know, with some pretty radical rewriting, this actually might make a good story.

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We just got back from a cruise.  Boarded in Seattle, went to Alaska, fortunately did not hear anything from their previous governor.  I bought a tiny human skull carved from caribou bone!  It's so awesome.  Putting it on any surface instantly changes the ambiance.  I never got the appeal of skulls as decorative objects before I saw it.

In Seattle we saw the Space Needle, which left little impression on me beyond that it was crowded that day and ferociously hot.  I'd have preferred less staring out of the big windows and more looking at the thing's history, or possibly grilling this one guy about where he got this awesome shirt.  It was black with a scene, picked out in metallic, of X-Wings and TIEs around the Second Death Star.

I'd have liked to go to the Sci-Fi Museum after that, but by that point everyone was flagging after the four-hour plane ride and yonks of waiting, so we found a Thai restaurant.  As it turns out, Thai food?  Very, very good.  Especially when you're that hungry.  Also as it turns out: I can now use chopsticks with decent skill, and I like using them.  There's a bit of smugness to being able to do that.  Anyway, after eating, all of our spirits were higher, but we were also sleepy, so I never got to see the Museum.  I'm apparently the only one in my extended family who likes non-art museums at all, alas.

The cruise itself was good.  I never did eat the Alaska salmon or the free ice cream, to my lasting regret.  But I did eat just about anything else, including the sometimes-mediocre sushi.  Eel eggs are not good food.  Chicken sandwiches, on the other hand, are.  These people, in cooking, will not use water when milk would do, and if milk will do then cream will do better, and they add butter or lard at every chance, so it was very rich.  Enough so that I often felt sick, actually.  And people thought that I was a boy!  Twice!  ...That wasn't bad so much as weird.  Heh.

I did have some strange dreams, only one of which I still remember.  There was some kind of massive crossover of various video game characters, all with some goal in mind, put into small teams.  Some of them were angry about seeing characters from their own continuity, saying that it would mess up the timestream.  At some point the three characters in one team I was following - the Scout and the Spy from Team Fortress 2, and one other who died early - were in a city when Godzilla attacked.  And it was movie Godzilla, with the rubber suit, but it was still giant and roaring and stuff.  I think it was defeated through music somehow.  At the end, the Scout and the Spy boarded a wagon and left.  While groping each other and having very innuendo-laced dialogue.  This is the first time anything like people falling in love/lust has happened in my dreams.

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That was an unhappy dream.  But I was only one combat cyborg and assistant in the middle of hundreds of partying vampires.  I couldn't have saved the baby vultures.

...Yes, seriously, I dreamed about that.
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Those poor dream-vultures.  I think I dreamed them because I recently read "Wesley the Owl", and it mentioned a research facility that got invaded by rabid animal-rights activists who set all the vultures free, even though most of them had never been in the wild and one only had one wing, and so all of them died.  I think I dreamed the cyborg war part because I'm watching an LP of System Shock 2.  No idea about the vampires.

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I watched Star Trek on my birthday.  It was pretty awesome.  I liked Sulu the fencer.  And Spock.  Kirk was kind of a jackass, but he was all right in the end.  Overall I really liked it, and am currently suppressing the desire to track down episodes or the older movies.  Those are in a different timeline now anyway.  That part was sad.

Still like Star Wars better, though.  Trek just didn't seem as epic - yeah, planets destroyed, big enemy ship, but the scale seemed a little smaller overall.  Plus, Trek didn't have anyone quite like Luke, and I love that farmboy torn between the longing to leave and do great things and his duty to stay.  Angry rebellious people don't have so much appeal to me.

So now I'm twenty.  Just as predicted, it's not like hopping over a fence into a different world.  The difference is all in my head.  Twenty.  Wow.

...I'll keep not thinking about that.  Instead, I'll exposit about a dream I had a week or so back.

I'd been watching a Let's Play of Earthbound 2, and I'd finished watching, which meant getting to the end boss.  Giygas.

Eeek.  He's that image here on Nightmare Fuel.  That's the background.  It changes.  He has some unbelievably creepy lines.  For various reasons, he's highly unsettling, and so naturally I started dreaming stuff visually related to that.  Lots of bloody distended jaws and so on.

I was sort of half aware that I was dreaming, decided that I didn't like where the dream was going, and applied the trick I developed for those times when I'm awake, it's dark, and my imagination is going "Monsters!".  This trick is "Have Captain America show up at the same time as the monsters."  ...And it worked, he showed up and hit something with his shield, and then went through the usual protecting-a-civilian sctick, turning the dream from nightmare to merely kind of tense.

Also, at a couple points I worried that Cap would go all nightmarish, until Wedge Antilles showed up too.  I don't know why.  I had some flimsy reason for why he was in the immediate vicinity - his X-Wing had crashed and he'd ejected - but not why a pilot from Star Wars was in the same dream as a Marvel superhero.  I suppose because I heart them both.  He did seem confused about whether he was Wedge or Carth from KotOR - he sometimes had two blaster pistols, sometimes just one.

So that was interesting.

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I am diseased.

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Now is the point where I would type in binary if I wasn't going to head into my bunk and switch off right now.
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I spend a lot of time when I'm not near the computer thinking about what I'd like to be typing if I was.

Sunday night, for instance, I couldn't sleep at all.  I was thinking about something passive-aggressive to my insomnia.  Monday a teacher said that I was pretty good at paraphrasing, so I was thinking about ways to brag about that.  Naturally the phrasing I came up with for both of those has totally vanished, and I'm not up for finding it again.

Tuesday, though, I was mostly thinking about the five-page essay in Least Favorite Class.  I typed three.  Oops.

But damn it, I discovered the[ profile] ursulav  journal and was entranced.  Grr. 

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Okay, that...  that was a weird dream.

Sort of virtual world and space travel and a new Pokemon game and Super Smash Brothers and comic books and LJ RPs and *sigh* politics.

Right, well - getting out of I guess cryo pods out of a ship and into a strange world.  Some ran off immediately, some didn't.  I think there were artificial limbs involved.  Someone comes to meet the ones who didn't.  He has the voice of JARVIS from Iron Man, and looks like Jarvis from the comic books, and I think his name's Jarvis, but he's Alfred from Batman.  And he's angry at "them" for sending weak people with artificial limbs, but he gets them into this weird camp with one little fire and long chains of people side by side in a circle.

And then it turns out that there's two heroes protecting them.  One's female and I think orange and I didn't see much of her, the other's the lean futury Batman from Batman Beyond.  And Jarvis/Alfred coordinates them by sending his voice.  The female one goes into the thick of things, the Batman one comes in after while the enemy - which seems to be all shadowy - is distracted.  Jarvis/Alfred is the one who set this up, at least the Batman part.  And now there are too many people to protect.  There's a new bad guy who has something to do with an apple cider still, and he's got a name like Barnes.  He goes on the ship, and there's something about how none of this is "real" but...

And then I'm Jarvis/Alfred, and I ...  oh, damn it, I can't skip this over ...  I get to see President Obama and Michelle in a little conference room, and explain.  This for some reason involved an admittance of "I am the one behind Batman, sir".  And then I get to the part about apple cider Barnes, and I heatedly say "Not Bucky, it's clearly a coincidence, it's even spelled differently, you shouldn't even put the costume on" but it's too late, aaagh, and he's gone, and Michelle and I follow after and he's in costume and waiting.  And is Captain America in a somewhat redder getup.  I don't know why.

And then there are a bunch of tiny cars on the White House lawn and a lot of people waiting to get in them, and I knew that some of them were authors.  And everyone needed to mash like sardines to fit - in the first car, Michelle pretty much sat in Capama's lap.  I went into one of the rearmost cars, which was full of wiry young women who giggled evilly a lot.  Driving was rough.  Too fast, lots of ups and downs.  At one point I think I said "We need to slow down and get tampons!  You're not prepared!"  but even in a dream as Jarvis/Alfred, no one listened to me.

The dream skipped over the part with the ship.  But then it was landed, and I wasn't Jarvis/Alfred or anyone anymore, sort of drifting from one set of people to another.  There were authors.  There were Super Smash Brothers characters; I know there was Bowser and Peach and Zelda and Link, at least.   Capbama was doing arm motions to flex for throwing the shield and wondering if this was such a good idea.  I think there was George W. Bush, and I saw an LJ profile for something like "duhbushlol", and then it occured to me that everything going on was going on the way it does on a Livejournal RP, where there's a Big Event main post, and lots of little, seperate threads as characters interact, each thread sort of cut off from all the others.

And then someone tells me to pick a character before they're all gone, and I cycle between them.  There's an author who I think is Diane Duane.  There is McCain.  There is Zelda.  I take Zelda for a little, and climb down and talk to Peach for a while, but then I pull out because I've never made an account for RP before.  (This is true.)  And I think that's it before I woke up.

Oy, that was a weird dream.  At least I could piece it into a series of events.  Still.  Makes me think of what I theorized after waking up a few weeks back - my brain is recieving interactive TV/video game ads from aliens, but since I haven't paid for the channel, the part that would make it make sense isn't sent to me.

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Something I found on Bam!Kapow!.  It's a stop-motion epic action figure fight.  Marvel characters at first - I had trouble keeping track of what was going on, but?  Epic.  Take a look.

I had a weird dream.  Early, there was a dream about a series of time-travel movies, like Back To The Future but more fantasy.  And then the dream became sort of about the movies, and I was sealed into this tiny little capsule wearing white armor like a stormtrooper, along with a couple of other fighters and... and some nonfighters, including a mage who'd been turned into a liquid during the trip.  Dream logic, this made complete sense.  It was very crowded, and the liquid mage was sort of sticking to my cheek like jelly/mucus stuff.

The capsule had a sort of window and I could see flashes of more stormtroopers - seriously, that's exactly what they looked like - in passing, and I remember thinking that of everyone, the people I felt most empathy for was the fighters.  And then helmets started glaring at me, but I didn't feel different.

Then the dream flashed to us being out, and the other fighters and I were sneaking into a building and grappling more stormtrooper-y fighters, wrestling them.  Although they were supposed to stay outside until it was clear, the nonfighters, including the no-longer-liquid mage, came in and everyone fought until we just sort of lost interest and lounged around.  For some reason the inner walls of the building, which was like a gymnasium, were lined with curtains like a stage.  I found a case with a small new iPod and some really nice earbuds on the ground, covered by curtains.  And I took it.  I think at some point the mage might have kissed me, but I don't remember any more.

Right, so.

Here's a picture I found that I liked.

'we need more good crazy,
it'd be nice to watch the news
   and think "that's
        fucking insane."
but feel a little jealous,
    instead of just alone.'

True.  *sigh*  Improv Everywhere gives a little of that(why can I put images but not links?  Rrr.), but there just isn't enough awesome crazy.
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 Yeeg.  White dragon must grow up soon or it will die. 

Red dragon still has some time. 

I dreamed last night about a Zombie Apocalypse thing.  It was sort of an immersive videogame, and I would see a sort of Wikipedia page with links to each... level, I guess.  It happened on an island, and sometimes I was me and other times I was a generic game protagonist who never spoke.  The first "level" was the intro thing, and I found a lot of bodies and a door that someone was banging on and opened it, and zombies came out, as well as a guy who wasn't a zombie.  He said that they were harmless because they didn't associate live humans with food.  Then he went and impaled himself on a stake and was then eaten.  And then the zombies were not harmless.

The Wikipedia page had a link to a description of that level.  I didn't click on it, because I saw other levels.  The first few involved me and some scientists getting off-island.  I don't remember it too well.

One of them, some people off-island called for an airstrike, but survivors on the island radioed and told them to stop.  So I had to go back and get them before they were eaten or firebombed.  It involved some guy being in denial about his son being a zombie, and lots of running, and I had no gun, ever.  Just stick-type things.  Apparently zombies explode when you hit them hard enough.

The last one before I woke up, I found the last survivor in a little cabin.  It was an old woman who looked very like a hag.  She had zombies strapped in car seats in the cabin - or maybe they were giant big-bodied spiders, I'm not sure - and she took my stick and killed them.  And then she went outside to "get more" and I locked the door and heard lots of scratching and tapping.

I didn't really like that dream.  Now I am paranoid.


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