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This was very interesting.  Good reminder about the fact that even world-class athletes have some very different body plans.

And the decaying slow-worm on this post is freaky.

Joan of ArcNature Sounds.

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Another collection of links.

This has the pages from "The Princess Leia Diaries" and "Thank the Maker", two SW comics I haven't seen in a while.  Now I don't have to track them down!

The Burgomeister's Books
, some "truly free ebooks".

Luciferous Logolepsy, a compendium of really obscure/archaic English words.

krypton 321's Youtube channel, which has some Mass Effect stuff.

Something I liked on The Atlantic.

Tamora Pierce's future releases.

The Usual Error Project.

TNC's Civil War Research.

Think that's it for now.

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Hmm.  You know, I've got a lot of increasingly dusty bookmarks that I'd rather not lose.  Might as well link them here instead.
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...I finally made an RP account, for [ profile] edensphere /[ profile] edensphere_log.  Or it will be, in January when I and a bunch of other newbies can sign on.  [ profile] desig_survivor .

Because Wedge Antilles?  Is awesome.  Even though the only other person on the comm who is from Star Wars at all is playing Brianna/Handmaiden from K2.  And even though most of the people there are more than human.

I just hope I can play him.  The whole amnesia thing might help.  But I've never actually done an LJ RP before.  Well, we've all got to start somewhere.

What's wrong with Livejournal?  First it kept eating the spaces between each line, now it's swallowing parts of the post. I've edited this thing four times.  [ profile] desig_survivor , damn it!
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I seem to have too many unused bookmarks again.  Well, that's what linkspam is for!

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Oh, and new dragon.  Like the others, she's named after a font.  I have Baskerville, Sylfaen, Gautami, Kartika, Raavi, and now Shruti.

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Looking through a retrospective on Star Wars games, I found that this narrator pronounces Thrawn's full name (Mitth'raw'nuruodo) as "Mitthraw-nuru-odo".  Interesting.

When I was a little kid, mosquito bites always led to gigantic red welts, hard and hot to the touch.  They'd linger for weeks, itch constantly, ache, and often refuse to respond to Cortizone.  Now, not so much.  A mosquito bites me, there's a tiny red dot, and within a few minutes there's that raised white blister, and quickly the skin around it reddens, but an hour after that the blister shrinks and disappears, and so does the redness.  Very soon there's just a vague reddish swelling, small, and it shrinks and is gone within a few days.  There's itching, but it's less of an issue.  It's like my body got tired of overreacting to mosquito bites.

Dear body: Why couldn't you have figured this out earlier?
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The computer is being a failure.  "Argh!  You want to watch a video/type something?!  I CAN'T HANDLE THIS, IT'S TOO MUCH!  *Firefox is not responding!*  MUST ADD MASSIVE LAG TIMES!"

I hate that.

Here's a link dump.

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Dragonadopters   DragonadoptersDragonadopters

My dragons.  ...Maybe I shouldn't have gotten a Lizardus.  They're the ugliest when they're Ancient.  Then again, Ancient comes at level Seventy, and my oldest is at Sixty.

It is summer break!

When I work with clay, I tend to make dragons.  I've been making a ceramic dragon skeleton with little holes in each bone.  Bisqued them, applied light oxide, fired them, and strung them together with lengths of thin, flexible wire.  ...I'd post the stuff I've made, since it's been uploaded onto the school's artlist thing, but it looks like the server's still wonky.  Boo.  Well, maybe later.  Some of my stuff is pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

... This is an excellent time to weed my bookmarks!  Okay, so Let Me Google That For You.   Dead At Your Age (hey, I've outlived Secretariat for about five months, and Joan of Arc by about six).  Two on waterboarding; I'd seen them before and hadn't saved.  Why We ImmunizeRobert Ebert viciously mocking "Expelled".  Think that's all the ones I'll actually want later.

Have been going through Villain Song, which is fun.  Picked up a lot of Youtube embedds.
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The sites I visit most often are as follows.

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[ profile] scans_daily .  Comics.  A livejournal comm.

Wookiepedia.  The Star Wars wiki.

Fandom wank wiki: Somewhat vulgar site about mocking people who get too worked up on the Internet.  Like ones who go ballistic over bad reviews, people who believe they have married Snape on the astral plane, or depictions of Brits eating buttercream (ICING DAMMIT).


Cake Wrecks.  "When professional cakes go horribly, horribly wrong."  Like "It A Gril."  Mostly comics-related.  Also a master of photoshop.

The Daily Coyote.
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LJ is meant for fannish ramblings and moments of emo woe.  Might as well engage the latter.

I am unhappy and I don't know why.  It's upsetting.  Why am I unhappy?  What's changed lately?  Obama's inauguration is a positive thing.  I'm adjusting to a new college term, but I've been here three weeks, why am I unhappy now?  On that: I kinda dislike my new roommate.  She went to the Washington pro-life rally, though she voted Obama.  She does not recycle and eats constantly.  She snores.  She rubs up against the outside of the door, smearing my every-two-weeks charcoal dragon.  She's really loud in the mornings and at night, when I'm in bed.  She is also one of the college's five fat people, which - well, I have a dislike of obesity, okay?  Tolerance means allowing me to dislike it when someone eats constantly and claims to have "no time" to exercise.  BECAUSE YOU ARE ALWAYS STUFFING YOUR FACE.  AND WHAT IS UP WITH THROWING AWAY LUNCH MEAT AND NOT TAKING THE TRASH BAG DOWNSTAIRS.  IT SMELLED AND I HAD TO DO IT YOURSELF, NOT THAT YOU NOTICED.  WTF BONBONS.  HOW CAN YOU FINISH A BOX IN THREE DAYS.

Why am I unhappy?  Is it classes?  I hate Art History modern-stuff with a passion.  It's the most useless thing and it stretches on for far longer than neccessary, and it's writing-intensive.  Meets once a week, though.  In AP Ceramics - yes, again - the clay is too wet to work with, so I feel ineffective and useless.  In 3D art we're on this wire project which involves welding.  I hate welding.  Aversion to fire.  Not a big complaint with the other classes.

In workstudy, my boss gave me some porcelain and told me to make flying bulldogs(bulldogs being the school mascot), "like monkeys from the Wizard of Oz, but bulldogs" so they can go into the cafeteria's project.  It shows confidence and appreciation of my skills, yes, and she likes the two she's seen so far, so why does this make me unhappy?  I don't get it.  Am I lonely again?

Probably.  Damn, I hate being lonely!  People annoy me pretty damn quickly.  How can I dislike people so much and still yearn for - something.  I don't know.  I probably miss touch or something.  Or I desperately want to fall in love.  Unhappiness sucks.  Normally when I'm unhappy or depressed, I can feel this happy something that won't be shaken.  I call it a column sometimes, because that's what it feels like - like my back is up against a pillar which is life is not bad, things will look better in the morning.  And no matter how bad it is, the column is there.  Things will come around again.  It takes a hit when I think about my future, but it doesn't go away.  And now it's as little as it's ever been, and as weak.  I don't like this.

I do feel better when I'm singing, though.  The column is bigger when I do that.  When I write, it gets smaller and more solid.  I don't know what's up with that.

Oh, and Comcast is made of fail.  I called five times last week trying to get it connected to this new room, and they failed every time.  Now I've realized that I don't actually need cable.  I'm going to try and tell them to discontinue my service.  They'll probably fail some more.

The dragon is a teen now.  Not long now and I can pick up a new egg.  I've given up on the forums at that site.  People are too stupid. 

Youtube )

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Dragon's almost a teenager now.

Youtube spam )

I don't like some of my new classes that much.  But that's how it goes, right?  In 3D they gave each of us a 2X4 and told us to make it look nothing like a 2X4.  Right now, mine looks like a spine.  I'm trying to figure out how to make a skull.  The power tools frighten me, frankly, but I can use the miter saw and the bansaw, which is more useful.  Despite the screaming and the way it comes to a juddering halt and the threat of the blade breaking, then whipping free, it's not so bad.

The jigsaw wants my blood, though.  I can feel it watching.

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Joined a bunch of comms, so I guess I'll update that hanging post.  Some of them are pretty NSFW.

I'll list the non-LJ blogs I'm following.

Ugly Overload


Dark Roasted Blend

The Daily Coyote

Pretty, Fizzy Paradise

Cake Wrecks, which is a lot of fun without being petty in its mockery.

Neurophilosophy(now and again)

Bam-Kapow, although the misogyny seeps through sometimes.

Gurney Journey, the art blog of the man behind Dinotopia

Comics Oughta Be Fun

Sometimes Nothing Forungood, but I think I'm dropping it and Why Women Hate Men, which is more of a pretty vendetta against personal ads.  Which would be all to the good if the author stopped talking about "vaginas clapping shut" on every single post.  And if he didn't think that this happens when a man has emotions or a cat.  Clearly, I've been the wrong kind of female for nineteen years.

And You Are Dumb, the ranting liberal thing which the author insists is not a blog.

In other news, shirtless Disney heroes photoshoot.  Hmm.

And a Putin picspam.

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Oooh, I got my victim for the TSA Xmas Xchange! 

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Hmm!  Well, I don't do nonmorphic, but I'll do odd.  Definitely going 
to work on this.  Possum, huh.  

Hey, it's that song from the end of WALL-E.  I like that song.

The Beatles song "I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends"

Good gods.  This video of "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger."  Whoah!  It's like high-speed very advanced dancing, but with hands.  Wow. Very nice!  Very nice!  (Just wait until the words speed up!)  Very, very cool!

So what I'm saying is, I like it.  Hmm.  Maybe a bit much, I think I'm vaguely turned on.  ...Do I really need a hand fetish?
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My schedule for the week.

Why does the Sun shine?

The guy who dances all over the world.  Wow.  I like how many people went and joined in.

An odd, sort of soft cover of the Iron Man song.

Something by[ profile] anw  I found on[ profile] metaquotes :

"From here we can regroup the gay community and continue to work on Phase Two of the gay agenda. (The sinister Phase Two has actually been revised; it used to be 'get equal rights'. Now it's 'try not to have any more laws passed against us that will proactively prevent the possibility of equal rights in the future'. Phase One was 'stop getting beaten to death', and is also actually still ongoing.)"

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This Halloween was decent.  I was much happier than last year.  Gods, I was so miserable.  It helps that I could go home and I carved a pumpkin, then costumed up and went out.  I know I'm too old.  Whatever.  I've never developed that whatever-it-is that gets me to outgrow these things.  This is also why I still like playing and have no life.

Wore a rubber T. Rex mask.  It's really hard to see in that thing, and condensation from my breath quickly soaked my neck, but it seemed to impress people.  The robe with the hood, the wings, the cape, the claws, and the mask.  Not bad.  I liked being in costume.

So the election's on Tuesday.  Wow.  It feels like it's taken so long and very little time to reach this point.  I already voted, through that handy absentee ballot thing.  Looks like I'm a progressive.  Hope Obama wins!  Fivethirtyeight seems to think so.  Fingers crossed.  I do have to say that it's gotten annoying, hearing about this all the time.  And I've caught myself feeling a weird hatred towards the undecided and the McCain supporters, particularly when they go on about "Muslim terrorist" and "unAmerican."  Yeah

One more thing, then bed.

Now it's been fifty-one years and change since Sputnik.  I'm still awed by that.  This is silly, but it still gets my goosebumps crawling.

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You know something(one of all too many things) I hate?  When it's late at night, I want to close some tabs and go to bed, and the computer decides to fail massively.  Nice, computer.  Nice.  Yes yes, I'm about to stop anyway, but I'd like the chance to save my linkspam, at least.

This is "Take On Me Literal Version."  Piiipe wrench fiiight...

Gods.  The Customer Is Not Always Right.  There are some gems there.  This one's my favorite.

Chippendales, The Golden Years

Bakery | Syracuse, NY, USA

(Four elderly men enter the store. They are all at least 70, balding, and at least one has a cane.)

Manager: “Hi, what can I get for you?”

Elderly Man #1: “Are those bagels hot, young lady?”

Manager: “They’re pretty hot. They’ve been out about ten minutes.”

Elderly Man #2: “But are they as hot as us?”

I bought a two-disc version of Iron Man on the weekend; it came with a seven dollar rebate.  Watched everything on it.  Squee!  It really is my favorite non-Star Wars movie, you know.  My very favorite parts pertain to the robot arm subplot and all the Mark II suit stuff.  It's just so much fun.  Kind of annoying to hear that if I'd gone to Wall Mart I could have bought a version that comes with this one exclusive comic.  Grr.

Also saw Wall-E in the cheap theaters.  It was cute.
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Major Tom.  Finally I can close this tab!

You know, I joined LJ to comment on[ profile] karentraviss 's journal.  I'd considered doing it for[ profile] baxil  too, but...  Anyway, at the time I loved KT's books.  Her clones.  As time went on, though, I slowly changed my mind.  I really, really don't like her books.  Wess'har or Star Wars.  I'm not sure why.  Partly it's because I literally can't empathize with her characters, I can neither identify with them or admire them.  And the constant "This culture is AWESOME and SO MUCH BETTER than any other" really got to me.  I don't like wess'har society or Mandalorians.  I stopped enjoying the books a year ago.

So I'll finally say it.  I hate Shan!  I hate Etain!  Shan never lets up with being a hard-ass and creeps me out!  Etain has no spine and no concept of loyalty!  I don't see why Jedi are so inferior to Mandalorians!  I never have!  There.

Clones are still cool, though.  Stormtroopers are still cool.  I loved Allegiance.

So here's numerous clone troopers being unspeakably awesome set to "Chosen Ones".

I'm going to try out a [ profile] scans_daily  post here, then copy-paste it, since I've heard about cut problems.

Marvel Adventures: Avengers #20.  "Mountain From An Anthill"; alternately, Giant-Girl's Relationship Problems.

I went and bought MA:A digest number six.  It... It scanned badly, so I uh, I...  tore the pages out.  *wince*  I feel terrible about that, frankly.  It tore mostly pretty well, and for once I have good scans, of a good size.  This is an entire issue's worth - there are four per digest, and I like them all, but only two of them really caught my eye.  Here's one.  Not dial-up safe at all.   Cut for Spidey being adorable and Giant Girl being cool. )
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A little late now, but - happy Stanislav Petrov day!  My default emotional state may have shifted to "furious", but I'm glad that that there are still large countries full of blithering idiots.  Better than nuclear winter.

Wikipedia article!

Stanislav Petrov, an Air Defence lieutenant colonel, was the officer on duty at the Serpukhov-15 bunker near Moscow on September 26, 1983.[4] Petrov's responsibilities included observing the satellite early warning network and notifying his superiors of any impending nuclear missile attack against the Soviet Union. If notification was received from the early-warning systems that inbound missiles had been detected, the Soviet Union's strategy was an immediate nuclear counter-attack against the United States (launch on warning), specified in the doctrine of mutual assured destruction.[1]

Shortly after midnight, the bunker's computers reported that an intercontinental ballistic missile was heading toward the Soviet Union from the US.[5] Petrov considered the detection a computer error, since a United States first-strike nuclear attack would hypothetically involve hundreds of simultaneous missile launches to disable any Soviet means for a counterattack. Furthermore, the satellite system's reliability had been questioned in the past.[6] Petrov dismissed the warning as a false alarm, though accounts of the event differ as to whether he notified his superiors[7] or not[5] after he concluded that the computer detections were false and that no missile had been launched. Later, the computers identified four additional missiles in the air, all directed towards the Soviet Union. Petrov again suspected that the computer system was malfunctioning, despite having no other source of information to confirm his suspicions. The Soviet Union's land radar was incapable of detecting missiles beyond the horizon, and waiting for it to positively identify the threat would limit the Soviet Union's response time to minutes.

Had Petrov reported incoming American missiles, his superiors might have launched an assault against the United States, precipitating a corresponding nuclear response from the United States. Petrov declared the system's indications a false alarm. Later, it was apparent that he was right: no missiles were approaching and the computer detection system was malfunctioning. It was subsequently determined that the false alarms had been created by a rare alignment of sunlight on high-altitude clouds and the satellites' Molniya orbits, an error later corrected with cross-reference to a geostationary satellite.[8]

Petrov later indicated the influences in this decision included: that he had been told a US strike would be all-out, so that five missiles seemed an illogical start[1]; that the launch detection system was new and, in his view, not yet wholly trustworthy[citation needed]; and that ground radars were still failing to pick up any corroborative evidence, even after minutes of delay.[citation needed]

YTMND page for him.

So that's good.  Maybe in October I'll celebrate Vasily Arkhipov Day, hey?
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Here, listen to the Large Hadron Rap.

I drew a dragon whom I've written about before, here and here.  Then I scanned him.  Good gods, that scanned huge.  This is the "small" version.  In the story his jaws can open to about two feet or so...  Thinking about drawing more hair to connect his mane with his muttonchops.  I think I did pretty well, altogether.

Full freaking huge size )
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Little bit of really good music.

Damn.  I wish I could get these on iTunes.  Well, yes, I probably could buy them, but... 

and the Iron Man song, which I'd never heard in its entirety before.

Most of it, yeah, nothing to do with Tony Stark at all.  Still cool.  Still cool.  I want to see the movie again.

The internet connection here on campus is so damn slow.  It likes to randomly decide to stop working, and there are almost never more than two red bars.  Sometimes there's three yellow.  I don't think I've once seen four green.  Videos don't like to load, music doesn't like to go smoothly.  It's always play a second, stop for three seconds, play another second...



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