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A doujinshi from Pixiv, and translations.

- Major Anakin character-derailment
- These are all impressions affected by the Dark Side
- I'm seriously in love with Han

It's really gonna be in 3D!? (o)(o)
My desire to live just came back in spades!

Hi, there! I'm Anakin Skywalker, also known as Darth Vader! Recently in Episode 6, I was rescued by my adorable little boy and celebrated my sunny graduation from the Dark Side!

Plus, what's up with this fanservice? For some reason, my ghost form turned into the super-hot young version of me! Master, these re-releases are so totally awesome!

But, even a daddy like me has one piece of unfinished business in the living world...

(Daddy Vision)

It looks like some lowlife worm has latched on to my little Luke...



That creep's name is Han Solo. He's a space no-goodnik and a smuggler, so how the hell did he get awarded the rank of "General" by the Rebels, anyway? What kind of career track is that!?

You can tell just by looking that he's got the eyes of a womanizer! Bastard! Walking around looking like a sci-fi Ind**** ***es! Hey, since when did he melt his way out of that carbonite, anyway!?, this is bad..! A conflicted heart is the path to getting all Dark Sided up again! That's right, Master and Yoda always used to tell me, "You must endure!" And I really did live a life of pure endurance...

But no matter what anybody says, Daddy's just a ghost now... Which means all I can do is watch over them...


What! Son of a bitch...! Since when does he dare put his damn hands near my sweet little girl! Th-this is unforgivable...this is absolutely the last straw!

Bastard! Walking around looking like a cuddly outer-space Bla** ***ner! Well, you've really made Daddy angry now!!!


<- Dark Side

Leia: Ah!

Han: Huh?


Luke: Whoa!

Boxers: "FALCON"

Anakin: Haa...haa...

I will protect the peace of (my kids) the Jedi...!!!

Han: Hey, Luke, say something to your old man already, would you?

Luke: Come on, Dad! How many times have you seen Han's underwear now!? Leave him alone! Geez!

Obi-Wan: You idiot apprentice! Still using the Force for moronic things, even from the other world, are you!

Anakin: But Master! Don't you think my kids are just too cute for words!? And that lowlife worm has been -


Luke: It's always underwear with Dad, isn't it... Sorry about that...

Leia: Do you think he's got a crush on Han?

Han: I...really don't think that's it. (sweatdrop)


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