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I'm going to Eastern Michigan University.  Damn it.  I've already learned to dislike the school, largely because it's big and can't get anything done in a timely fashion.

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More Idea Bank overflow.


Unfinished Story Ideas

Title: It's part of the Revan Saga. This part could easily be called "Five Years". Names: Revan. Elisa Freeman. Gist: Ask for character. Dark room, eyes very wide, ears very sharp, distracted, blindsided, no v/h, fighting, “Finish me now!”, doesn’t happen. Lingers, lasts. Walks away, Revan’s compensating and on edge(paranoid! Paranoid!), Elisa is d/b and scared, little communication – attempts. Throat vibration, monitoring tongue and lips, no idea w/out sound. Revan can’t read English. Elisa can’t read Aurebesh. War robes, war mask, bogan, intimidation factor up. Make it back to CC, one-sided conversation, healing trance. FIVE YEARS. FIVE YEARS, and Fake Rip Van Winkle it to twenty. No! More! AWESOMESAUCE.

On the Saga: Gwah. Maybe meld them all into one again. And get some things straight. Call her "Elisa Freeman", do this consistently. She's a potter, she is an art major at Midtral, her family is up in Wisconsin, she has a brother named Kris. Her father, Jack, works for American Airlines as a pilot. Yes, this is suspiciously self-insertiony, but I've already come this far.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. "At least 1,500 miles wide (give or take, could be much larger, no one's quite sure because it's a bit difficult to measure), 30 meters deep, 80 percent plastic, and 100 percent appalling." I wish I could get rid of it for real. Damn. Oooh. That island of plastic in the Pacific... I bet I could do something with that. Yeah... FMA is popular enough, and even if not, there's sure to be mages or something who could work it out. Why not? Displacement of seawater wouldn't be an issue, not like raising seamounts. Okay! It's settled! A new country, maybe? Hmm. Not just one mass, there would be several "islands", chained together. Propulsion systems. A hospital-type facility on one, for the long-term cases. Yes. Yes! It's good!

Title(tentative): Eh, why not? "Joysweeper". A little narcissism can be fun. Names: Let's use my real name, shall we? Gist: Self insertion for the win. Things that I have/could get: wings, ear thingies, contact lenses, Ace bandages, some kind of tail, possibly press-on canines. Forehead horn? I don't know. I could buy one, but... Anyway. Family is in Orlando why? Laborday Weekend, right. Maybe won a discount for Disneyland. I go to the Kublai Con on the second day, dropped off. I see Freeman in her Revan costume, don't have the nerve to go over and talk to her, berate myself about it. Describe the Ignore Her effect, if applicable. Get mopey. It happens in the handicapped stall. Everyone and anyone else leaves. Forehead horn, corner-of-jaw horns. Maybe backswept horns and spinal ridges, might be a bit much. Bone, smooth, sharp, maybe coated with enamel or something. Scales where appropriate, the foot thing, special wing-arm. Trapped in the bathroom, can't push door. Ceiling looks high. Make something rudimentary out of a bit of bandage, waits until door gets opened - it's Anj, but he doesn't notice - flee. Afraid to fly - the heights thing - get kicked, latch onto a leg. Wingclaws - maybe not normal venom. Maybe that agent I've been thinking of... hmm. It's a thought. Find some kind of ending, okay?

Title(tentative): "Everest". "Because It's There". Names: Hnn. Let's say - Daniel, Edward, Leah. Maybe don't bother with last names. But if needed - Batey, Alden, Piwarski. College student directories are useful, useful things.

Gist: Everest. VG, werewolf type A, snowtrooper. Probably need a few others. Guides, right? Timeframe, keep it vague. At least a year after, possibly more. First Xanadu people(need to find a name for that) to climb Everest; can say that supers have flown to the top before, but that doesn't count. Supplies get sabotaged. Freak out the guides, make them leave? Howling in the night. Antagonists? Climate is one. Yeti? Ferals? Terrorists, c'mon, you've thought about it. Should have some Xanadu connection. Oooh - Xanadu has caused right-and-left wing antiglobalists to band together, possible Islamic connection - they don't believe that it isn't the result of a secret gov't project. The costumes are thought to be entirely supportive of Jewish conspiracies. Refer to notes. But just because you hate and fear something doesn't mean you won't use it. Hmm. Send Dan down the mountain, hole up Ed and Leah for a while, food running out, power packs get sabotaged/stolen. Storms. Major storms. Drive them out into one. Confrontation. Rescue should come in the denoument, if then.

"8113. You are 8113. That is what you will respond to from this point on. 8113. We need you." Yeah. Leah wants an identity that's more than a designation, more than one of the few female troopers. Yeah. Edward is a secondary. Let's say... mmm... bioluminary tattoos are all the rage after Xanadu, he got bit by a were, couldn't be fully cured - reaction to the tattoo - ended up a type A, which isn't a bad thing. Why? Well, he's always wanted to do it. Were-ing out would make it easier. That's part of it, anyway. Daniel? Exploration. Listen to a lot of LoZ music.

Okay. Daniel... I want him to be mute, but avoid the obvious way to get around it. Hells. I've played versions of LoZ, I know the character never speaks, but everyone knows what he's getting at. Sure! He can say "Hey" and maybe "Whoa" or "C'mon" and one or two others, but is otherwise pretty much wordless. Same with writing and typing, perhaps a few words at most. Okay. No regular telepathy, that wordless form that came up you know where. Portrayed "Dan looked up, blinking, and told them that if they were going to fight they really should get to it already." Yeah, that could work. Get Leah to repeat things back - "No, I'm not cold" and not be aware of it. Happens all the time in Star Wars. Don't make a big deal of it.

Title(tentative): "Shell", perhaps. Names:… I'm actually thinking first-person for this. Hold off on the names for a while Gist: Powered armor. I love it, and I need to make this as obvious as possible. Maybe more. Iron Man was great in that regard(and in most others). Soo... We start with my protag waking up and finding that something is wrong. Let's say she(male originally, original character) was killed a week after the Event, body dissolved or something, and brought back in armor. But! The protag is in the armor itself, the character is wearing it. Refer to notes on AI ghosts. And that bit about the difference between a Stranger and a Palim. She could be my WBH.

"I was! I'm not anymore."

"After it happens, they all ask each other, 'why didn't somebody act? It could have been so different.' So many times, it's kept from happening. Somebody can't be everywhere, and they don't remember that. Somebody has a lot of hard and thankless work, but somebody has to do it. Guess what? You're somebody too."

"Don't take it so personally. They are what they were made to be. I'm sorry. I forgot. You are what you were made to be, too." - I love Nealan of Queenscove and Keladry!

...You know what? If for the self-insertion I'm really going to have... that ... happen, that still leaves my family. And my stuff. You know... could be a total blank who picks my ID up and wonders "Was this mine?" Or could be a Stranger. Could be... could be... NO NO NO NO! I won't! I don't even know where to start! It would be interesting. It would be so boss. But gaddammit, I can't. Yet. It's out there. I keep thinking about it! Because it makes sense. Even as a complete and total Stranger who looks at his own previous parents with nary a trace of recognition - the character I have in mind would visit anyway, stay over for a two day period or visit for the holidays(because naturally he would be... busy). The chara I have in mind would feel all guilty if he didn't do that at the minimum. It'd be interesting to speculate how they'd react on all sides. They'd be losing me, but I am a nerdy money-sink artsy loner who makes a really good sounding board - they'd think, maybe after some convincing, that I'd become the chara I have in mind. I don't think they even know that I like him! And he is - he is a leader, an inspirational archetypal good-guy chara. Who happens to be a soldier, a ridiculous athlete(A mile in just over a minute?!), a baseball fan, an artist, and a big pretty blond man. Wow. This is completely untapped territory! Completely!

...Am I actually considering this? Gaaah!

I'd need some reason why they'd think he was me, instead of just picking up my stuff at random. Oh, I know! On That Day, I'm wearing a Cap-related T-shirt("Cap Was Right", maybe), and there is actually a photo with me in the background or whatever to confirm this. Also, a button on my bag that has that design. Ooooh. I don't think I can actually do this yet... but damn if it's not interesting. Particularly if I waffle on actually having ... that ... happen and it gets cleared up a few weeks after the visit. And hey, it's not like I actually have to use my folks. It would just be mean if I vanished during the Event and they never got any closure.


DISSOLVED INTO A CLOUD OF BEES. Bees. My God. [/DC reference] I love it. Cloud of bees! Swarm, the Nazi-made-of-bees? [/Marvel reference] Nah. Hate Nazis. Inspired by, maybe. Human skeleton? Mmm. Maybe. Form a human skeleton made of beeswax? YES! YES! Not regular bees, tougher, something more like certain ants, can link up to pull on the bones like muscles. Utter nonsense! I love it! "As I watched, he stumbled, his skin bunching unnaturally, as if he was instantly being covered in boils - he fell, too fast for me to react, fell flat on his face. As he hit he dissolved, coming apart like a crumbling sandcastle into a swarm of hundreds, thousands of bees. They droned, coalescing into a cloud, and shot off in a stream. I saw his clothes, empty but for a few stragglers struggling out of the folds." Bees. Bees. I love it.

Y'know... okay, some kind of AIM. One-sided. "Shakennotstirred" for the Bond connection. Can maybe do it

 like this.  Yeah, this could work.  Looks kind of disruptive, but it could work.

"Take off your gloves". Hnn. Can cameo VvD(Hee!). Cargo crates at entrances, put a TR as guard. The schism. Maybe. I don't think they'd be the antagonists, though. Need someone else. Or something. Raise an army? Of what? I love how ridiculously obscure my notes are. If you-who-is-not-Joysweeper is getting any of this, I commend you.



Has he lost his mind, dare he see or is he blind/ can he walk at all or if he moves will he fall/ Is he live or dead, has he thoughts within his head. We'll just pass him there, why should we even care?

[8] Isn't it beautiful what hands can do?


["Tony Stark 2.0's Top 5 Positives about no longer possessing an organic human body."]

People are strange, when you're a stranger. [9]

Just listen to this again. Next time, though, wait for daybreak.

[10] Con costume-bingo card.

[11] The quotes I cut to save space.

X-Men Meets Wicked. Catchy.

Why Superman Will Always Suck.

Terry the Talking Raven. Interesting. Related are some bits with talking crows who are not nearly as coherent, but Victor the parakeet tops them all by having some degree of meaning in what he says. Talking birds all seem to have a "type".



Yuri the Only One For Me

Geeks in Love, Word Disassociation.

[13]Enthusiastic feline fitness FTW!

[14]Cellblock Tango

[15]. I love the world

Birth of Sandman

Free speech does not equal scientific theory! This is a good one. Have a little respect for the "scientific minority". Exactly what that has to do with inspiring me is unknown. But it gives me happy shivers, so it can't be all bad.

James Gurney's articles on how "character designers have developed clever ways to infuse animals with human personalities." [16] [17] [18] [19]


Lots of motivational posters here. Verrry interesting. "Tribute to Gary Gygax". Hmm.

This was intended to be part of an epilogue for a story Bryan and I are working on. Then it got long. I had a lot of fun with it, though.

Motivational posters for supervillains.

Woo, episodes of Avatar. I feel all warm and squirmy inside!

"Little Brother"

The Nearness of You. Love and loss...



"Dude, it's Captain America. He believes in freedom, justice, civil liberties, gay rights, gender equality and yeah, that means punching men and women without discriminating."

Swinging on a Star



"Doesn't matter what the press says. Doesn't matter what the politicians or the mobs say. Doesn't matter if the whole country decides that something wrong is something right. This nation was founded on one principle above all else: the requirement that we stand up for what we believe, no matter the odds or the consequences. When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world - "No, you move."" --Captain America

[23] "That’s what Cap stands for. Righting wrongs and being righteous in your life."

"God damn! How'd he do that? I mean he's only a human mutated to the apex of physical perfection with a genius for tactics and battle strategy... oh." - Mightygodking's "I Don't Need Your Civil War"

"Also- Tony, you don't think an event of this magnitude is worth some attention, maybe you could start figuring out what's going on- or I guess you could dig through every cell-phone video, security camera footage, and satellite photo possible to find the most heroic and manly shots of Steve, set them up aesthetically above your worktop, and stare at them. I'm sure SHIELD will be able to handle things. That's probably about what they were expecting you to do anyway."

A trimmed-down conversation: "Steve did a whole bunch of advertising work in the '80's, and he illustrated the Captain America book for Marvel just after that. That's actually my favourite period of Cap. I should probably post some. Steve's private life was just as important as his professional hero life at that point, and they really got into it a lot." "..He illustrated his own book? I find that very funny, even though I'm sure you mean his in-the-MU book. Was he hired as Steve Rogers to do that?" "Yup, and he didn't just illustrate it. He told the writers and editors off for making it too violent and out of character. It was as Steve Rogers, with his lovely illustration portfolio, which doubled as a shield case at the time. [...] Like, he walked into work at the Marvel offices to hand in his pages, and reamed out the guys there. It was weird. It was a good job for him too, because eventually he went on one of his periodic "Rediscover America by traveling it all on motorcycle" phases, and he could just mail in his pages." That is so boss!. I love character-creator conflict. And the idea of a character having input on his own book?! "RAH RAH" walked out on this one!


Misc Thought Oh, wow, intelligent comments! "He's never been a personification of American nationalism -- he's a personification of American IDEALS." "At heart, 616's Captain America is, I think, still a dreamy artist in the body of a greek god."

"It's in Classic-verse #3, when the Avengers are arguing over what movies they need to make Steve watch. The awesome part is that Steve is canonically a Tolkien fan. There's panel somewhere in either volume 1 Cap or volume 1 Avengers where he's mentally listing the greatest cultural accomplishments of the 20th century, and Tolkien's on the list."

It has nothing to do with anything, but it made me laugh. I love scans_daily. ...And I, too, want Steve Rogers. Damn it, come back from the dead already!

"I'm not sure if I want Steve or just his stuff!" "This is very bad for me as a comic fan. Steve's a wonderful blend of manly and metero. I want all my men to have nice clean homes yet be manly! ;__;" "We only have one hope! Making comic book characters real and then (scratched out)fight for them!(/scratched out) clone them!" "Yes! But I get the feeling that I'd be lecture for my less than clean habits. *glances around her dorm room*" "And really we'd have to be careful because when you really thing about Batman or Superman wouldn't be the best of boyfriends." "This is why I go for the Marvel boys, they're less scary. But damn, Bats and Supes. Damn."

Get up so I can knock you down! “We start off with a would-be hero who fights purely enough, only to slowly hit a snare thanks to his beliefs. Then it gets worse as time goes by until he’s responsible for untold damage. Once things look their bleakest, we get the hero we weren’t even sure we were ever going to find. The build up steams and we return to our villain, who has reached almost complete insanity. Things come to a head and we get the coolest fight scene ever with some of my all-time favorite comic lines (“Get up so I can knock you down!!”). And just as the fight comes to an end with a true victor, it goes directly into a strong conclusion.”<- Ooh ooh! Maybe a robot/mecha character for the WBH? Heart beats strongly, pulsing in throat, temples, gums. Stops. "You can't feel yourself breathe. You can't feel your heartbeat. And you can't recognize the man in the mirror"

Joysweeper really likes Cap. Oh, responsibility!



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