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Oooh, I got my victim for the TSA Xmas Xchange! 

Your story exchange victim:

----- Original Message -----
From: "Linnaeus" <>
To: "Michael Bard" <>
Sent: Saturday, December 06, 2008 1:48 PM
Subject: Re: [TSA] Xmas Xchange '08

> No need to apologize for the poor choices of one's countrymen, though
> I admit I frequently find myself driven to do the same thing. :) It
> was good to see you at the con, and I'm glad you at least had a good
> time for part of the con.
> I suppose it's now or never for the Exchange:
> > 1) Your name
> Linnaeus, or Paul
> > 2) Your preferred kind of transformation
> As for species? An opossum would be an excellent change of pace--
> they're unloved and underrepresented. :) Gryphons are interesting as
> well, and of course I'm fond of raccoons and pandas. I'm most
> interested in non-morphic forms, but anthro forms are fine if that's
> where the writer's muse takes him/her. I prefer stories in which the
> transformee retains sentience, though of course outlook and instincts
> can change.
> >
> > 3) Any pertinent information about yourself that would help the person
> > writing your story personalize it for you (gender, age, what kind of
> > work
> > you do, if you have any roommates or pets, region in which you live,
> > any
> > hobbies/interests, etc.). Feel free to provide as much or as little
> detail
> > as you like.
> I work as a programmer, I live in a flat in an outlying neighborhood
> of a big city not far from a lot of wooded parkland, I'm out of
> shape. I enjoy backpacking and spend far too much time organizing
> convention type things.
> Anyway, take care!
> >> 4) Would it be okay for your partner to post your story to the
> >> list/Shifti/anywhere else (you may wish to be specific)?
> Yep, but if the story is to be posted beyond the list, please just use
> my first name "Paul" in the story rather than my nickname.
> Anyway, looking forward to getting to participate in the exchange this
> time around. Hopefully you'll get an odd number of participants so
> you can too.
> Linnaeus Hmm! Well, I don't do nonmorphic, but I'll do odd. Definitely going to work on this. Possum, huh.

Hey, it's that song from the end of WALL-E.  I like that song.

The Beatles song "I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends"

Good gods.  This video of "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger."  Whoah!  It's like high-speed very advanced dancing, but with hands.  Wow. Very nice!  Very nice!  (Just wait until the words speed up!)  Very, very cool!

So what I'm saying is, I like it.  Hmm.  Maybe a bit much, I think I'm vaguely turned on.  ...Do I really need a hand fetish?


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