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Crowning Music Of Awesome.  Cool.

What did I find today but a LJ community called (okay, still can't hotlink normally, maybe if I copy-paste) [profile] brains_in_a_jar, which is about taking relationships in various fandoms and "giving one partner phenomenal cosmic powers and an itty bitty living space. Those phenomenal cosmic powers are a neural hookup to fly a spaceship and the inability to disengage it."

"Being stuck in a spaceship and feeling things as a spaceship does sounds like a pretty good deal, but it would require one to have a partner who could do things like interact face-to-face with passengers. That's where the danger and romance comes in, because if one person is confined forever to a ship and the other is not, and then they fall in love, great drama will indubitably ensue.  But romance and faster-than-light travel aren't the only things here. What makes a person, beyond the physical? How do we relate with each other? When is different too different, and when isn't it? "

Just like McCaffrey's Ship Who Sang 'verse!  I loved the concept in those books, but I just didn't like the writer much.  Anyway, there is a story here where Wolverine is a plane.  In the nineteen fifties.  And befriends a child Scott Summers.  Unfortunately, all the others are romance and fandoms that I'm not familiar with.  Except for the Tony/Steve one that linked me to this community.  And a couple Xmen ones that I didn't find interesting.

I friended it just on a matter of principle.  Hells, if "Walker Imperial Ranger" ever gets finished... well, no, I probably wouldn't make a post there, it's been defunct for a year and I haven't so much as introduced myself.  Sadly, there aren't any f-locked posts.  Ooooh...

Star Wars
[personal profile] carmarthen - Star Wars, with Darth Vader as the ship and either Luke Skywalker or Leia Organa as the pilot

Damn it, it wasn't linked to in the comm, so I concluded it never got written.  A furious search through that particular journal ensued.  I hate lack of tag clouds... fortunately, there is the calender thing for 2007.  Hmm.  She(I'm assuming female) has a list that I'll LJ-cut.

01:54 pm - Scenes and themes I write over and over
1. People conversing over tea. This is funny because in real life, I don't really like tea (except chai) and almost never hang out drinking tea with people.

2. Character A almost dying and realizing by Character B's panic that ze cares about A. Not necessarily romantic. I blame this on Sherlock Holmes.

3. Characters in the desert. I have an obsession with deserts.

4. Character realizing that ze (usually she) has found zir niche in life, usually professionally.

5. Characters growing older. I love seeing young characters 20 years down the line, or 40.

6. Characters awkwardly declaring love without explicitly doing so--either non-verbally or on the slant.

7. Warriors before battle.

8. Characters growing up.

9. People who put duty to a greater cause before love.

Also, ah, she writes and links to Tamora Pierce fanfiction, and likes Kel.  Ahhh.  That's the pleased sigh, not the scream.  And used to like Lackey a lot more than she does now!  And likes dinosaurs!  "Every fandom needs more dinosaurs".  Awesome.

Hmm.  To stalk, or not to stalk?  Hells, I might just post.  My other stalkedjournals haven't even warranted a mention in my posts.

So sad that apparently the brainship fic never got completed.  *sigh*  That's life.
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