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There's an interesting meme going around right now. 

You are in a mall when the zombies attack.  You have:

1 weapon
1 song blasting on the stereo
and 1 famous person, real or fictional, fighting besides you.

Hnn.  Well, I'll give it a go.

I'm not really a music lover, but I heard "What Is This Feeling" from "Wicked", and it's pretty much insanely catchy, so why not?

Lightsaber is the first answer, naturally.  It does seem like the ideal antizombie weapon.  But I read the comments(I love the comments for this one.  They rival and surpass my own geekiness; I feel warm and pleased), and when I saw  "Ya know, I originally went with the lightsaber, but I'm going to have to revise that to Tony Stark's Iron Man suit. Completely bite-proof (not even a hit from a tank shell slowed him down), built-in repulsors to keep the zombies at bay and a variety of other weapons to take them out, super-human strength, and a flight system in case things get too hairy. I'd gladly have a mini-arc reactor installed in my chest for that", well, I had to concur.  It dovetails neatly with my weird armor fixation, too.

It's famous person that's giving me trouble.  I'd definitely want someone more-than-human, for whatever reason.  I'll just have to list off a few of my own characters.  Because it intruiges me.  They're not famous, but too bad.  I've reassigned this meme.

The one who popped up first was Anj, TR-1407.  Red Guard with a forcepike; so he's bodyguard-trained, can handle a mob, and is all over armored, so he wouldn't be infected.  And mostly-Stranger that he is, he does have that code of ethics and all, so even if he was called off - and he might be! - he wouldn't just leave.  Still, if he was ordered by the Emperor or someone impersonating such...  well, maybe not Anj.  Not alone, at any rate.
Technically Garrett isn't my character, but he's in the collaboration, so fair game.  At first, yeah, that looks good.  He's an AT-AT, so infection wouldn't be an issue, and seriously, huge and armed well.  Then I see - well, he's an AT-AT.  Huge.  How would he even get into a mall, and the floor would crack, and turbolasers are kind of ridiculously overkill - and if I picked him for the escape option, that really wouldn't work well either.  How would I get up there?  He could kneel, but that's still two or three meters.

Having pulled up two characters from that story, it's only natural that I then go to SL-1984.  Hmm.  Not bad, considering.  Sure, he's a Vader.  But unlike my other Xanadu Vaders(Yes.  I do have more than one), he's based on the two panels of Vader Redeemed and seriously not on the Stranger side of the Palim scale.  He's alright, really.  Tall, lightsaber, Force, armor and cybernetics, and unlike Anj he'd probably refuse an order.  So that's good.  I'd probably be enlisted to clean his armor afterwards, which would be nasty(Zombie gore on white.  Ew).  Aaaand then he might just realize that I've been writing him.  Which would be... uh.

would probably not notice me and teleport out, what with that dislike of enclosed spaces.  No.  I haven't formulated any other draconic main characters yet.

Hmm.  From my ongoing Xanadu 501st series - well, there's four.  I'll mention the Vaders first.  SL-0075 scares the hell out of me.  Seriously.  He's the closest to a Stranger of Vader that I'll write, I feel nervous when I write him.  But he'd probably keep me alive.  Twentyone Twentyeight is opaque to me.  She might well decide to ditch me if she saw an out.  I don't know her well enough yet.
TK-0480 is a follower, not a leader.  And he's a stormtrooper.  The armor would be good, the blaster...  He wouldn't be a bad choice, but there are better.  ID-4102?  Oooh.  She's a better shot, but much less armor.  And she's a plotter.  I think I'd get out of that one.

Arkadais wouldn't be too bad, if she managed not to get bitten.  She's as close to normal as my options are going to get.  Deuvoci might be good, though getting in would be a problem.

Cody's not a fighter, Dove is already a zombie(and a mechanic), and Isabelle wouldn't fit into the building.  No, not them.  Eric and Sandra wouldn't fit inside well either(Notice a pattern?).  David...  abilitywise, he's pretty human-normal.  The one who was once Cheryl would be a good choice, though.  Very good.  I haven't written him in years, though.

Revan.  Heh.  Ahh, Revan.  I haven't written her fighting alongside someone yet, have I?  She'd be good.  War armor, lightsabers, Force, a hell of a lot of equipment.  Also a Stranger, really paranoid, and sharing skull space with an anti-Stranger(must find term for that.  Something about seperation, or dualism).  Still, I'd probably live.

Not even going to start on not-mine characters.  But surprisingly, not Cap.  Because he scares me badly in Marvel Zombies.   Urgh.  The scalemail let bullets in, so it's not as good as armor.  And he has a history of being dogpiled by enemies.  I'd like someone who, y'know, didn't get zombified.

On another note, "Bam!  Kapow!" is an entertaining way to spend time, with lots of comic movie news.  I've seen this animated... thing.... before, I don't know what it was made for but, although it's kind of cheesy, it's also very cool.  And isn't that what the goal was?  Whatever they're trying to sell me, I want it.

Soooo, news about the Hulk movie.  The video here has a line alluding to a Captain America cameo(!  Who... who played...  wha?  HOW HAS THE INTERNET NOT HEARD OF THIS BEFORE?), and here they say it was cut, and will be on the DVD.  Which I must buy when it comes out.  Iron Man had a split-second Easter egg with that shield.  I must buy that, too.

I'm hoping my friend will take me to see the movie this weekend.  We texted a little on Thursday about it.  She said she'd call me if she made plans.  If what I've heard was true, there are a metric ton of allusions and little nods in the movie.  That's what I like.

On another another note: Mass Effect.


No sentient species is capitalized.  We have asari, salarians, turians, volus, humans, krogan, geth, hanar, others which I can't think of - not capitalized, which is kind of weird to a Star Wars junkie, but makes some sense.  I like humanity's position in the galaxy.  A new race in the government, was at war with another race before the Council intervened.  It's a fascinating game.



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