Jun. 5th, 2009

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I scanned one of the leftovers from the sheet of the picture that's on my newest passport.  My hair has grown out a bit and at home I tend to wear glasses, but that's what I look like.

No one ever told me how fun it is to mess with the characters you're writing.  It's weird.  I hate the vast majority of comedy, since I don't generally see the humor in property damage, injuries, and the whole "I thought things were going well, and now everything is ruined!" schtick.  In fact, those things tend to make me cringe instead of laughing.  But here I am writing "Walker, Imperial Ranger", there's someone who turned into an AT-AT and is Not Liking This At All, and it is incredible fun.  It is sick and twisted fun.

Also I just finished a drawing of Anj Kincaid, who started the story as a woman and then got genderswitched, checking and staring out of the paper in horror, and I grin like a maniac every time I look.

Of course, since I used myself as reference for the drawing, now he looks something like me.  But I'm androgynous enough to rock the Red Guard armor.

So Shadows of the Empire had a soundtrack of its own.  Not for the game, for the novel.  Huh.  Youtube has this soundtrack.  Unfortunately the person who uploaded it is the type to whine about not liking the prequel trilogy in the "more info" box.  SotE has nothing to do with waah I don't like these movies!  So I figured I'd just embedd them here.

Ten embedds )
Hmm.  I know Shadows of the Empire has a lot of mixed reviews, but now I really want to read it again.  I didn't think it was half bad, previous times I read it.  And I like Steve Perry's other work, on the MedStar duology and Death Star.  The guy he worked with for those three, Michael Reaves, is... well, no, not bad.  But I think they're better together.

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